Sustainable value - for our customers, our employees, our shareholders and the society and environment in which we operate. Our values therefore form a clear framework of action for all employees of our group of companies. In addition to our corporate purpose and our strategies, they form the basis for our conduct and actions worldwide. We make numerous decisions every day in a very volatile and dynamic market environment. Our values guide our actions, decisions and behavior.

  • Creating value: Based on high-quality products, an optimal supply chain and the best price-performance ratio, we create solutions with sustainable added value for our customers and thus make our customers more successful. Our innovative strength ensures that this success continues over time.
  • Entrepreneurial action: We act entrepreneurially. We identify opportunities and have the firm will to implement them successfully. We act economically and assume responsibility for the company like an owner. This includes the careful handling of corporate values and focuses on the long-term success of the company. We know that healthy and successful growth is the basis for long-term independence. We act passionately and professionally.
  • Clear leadership responsibility: Leadership means clearly indicating the path you want to take together. Our managers act as role models and are characterized by integrity and reliability. Their decisions are based on facts and knowledge. Our managers orient themselves to the markets and thus ensure the long-term competitiveness of the company.
  • Ecological responsibility: We are aware of our special responsibility with regard to the limited resources of our planet. We are therefore always on the lookout for ecologically more compatible products and solutions for our customers and make sure that we ourselves make a positive contribution to environmental protection.
  • Continuous improvement: Whoever stops asking questions stops improving. That is why we take it very seriously when existing processes are questioned with the aim of finding a better solution and support our employees in implementing ideas that take us forward. We are ready to learn from our mistakes.
  • Open communication: A company that communicates neither its goals nor its decisions cannot be successful in the long run. That's why we talk to each other. Directly. Open. Respectfully.
  • Open-minded action: We come from numerous cultures, have different experiences, we are active in very different customer and procurement markets and industries. That is why clear values that are shared, understood and lived by everyone in the MetPro Group are so important for our future success.


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