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BioTect VCI Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Why should MetPro’s BioTect film be used over other competitors?

A.    MetPro’s BioTect VCI film is produced using naturally occurring ingredients that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and can be made into any format to suit the customer’s requirements. It has been approved for direct contact with food, as well as, passing various stringent laboratory tests.

Q.    Does BioTect film contain nitrites and carcinogens?

A.    BioTect film is completely free of nitrites and amines so the possibility of creating carcinogenic nitrosamines is zero. In addition, it is also non-toxic, user and environmentally friendly.

Q.    What are the advantages of BioTect films?


  • Produced using natural ingredients and are completely nitrite and amine free
  • Approved for metals that come into direct contact with food
  • Offers corrosion protection for up to 15 years storage (up to 3x protection with standard films)
  • Performed excellently in recognized corrosion tests carried out for the automotive industry
  • Multi-metal protection guaranteed
  • A nice coconut aroma which is in pleasant contrast to a sharp, acidic smell and is non-allergenic
  • Possesses excellent physical properties such as dart drop, elongation and sealing strength

Q.    What is the maximum temperature that the VCI in the film will still be effective?

A.    Ideally, the temperature of the surroundings should not exceed 55°C (131°F) otherwise; there will be a loss in active VCI, which would result in a reduction in the protection period for the metals that it is packed in.

Q.    Can Biotect VCI Bags be used in combination with oils?

A.     Light oils of less than 5 microns on the surface of the metal to be protected may be okay to use in combination with the BioTect VCI bag. Due to the various coating and oils used on the variety of metals during a manufacturing process, MetPro recommends a compatibility test to be carried out between our bag and the coating at no extra cost in our laboratory to ensure that there will be no adverse reaction during transportation and/or storage of the metals.

Q.    Can BioTect VCI bags be re-used?

A.    Yes, BioTect bags can still be used only if the bags are still in good condition with no holes, tears or the bag hasn’t suffered from weathering.

Q.    Can BioTect VCI Film be recycled?

A.    Yes, our films are made using only virgin materials which are 100% recyclable.

Q.    Does MetPro offer in-house anti-corrosion testing?

A.    MetPro prides itself in the fact that we offer anti-corrosion testing at no extra costs to its customers with full report complete with pictures and sent to the customer. We carry out various test methods which subjects parts to different temperature and humidity cycles.

Q.    How can I purchase a BioTect Bag?

A.    Yes, please contact us today and we will provide you with a sample and quotation!



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