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Evaluation Of The Anti-Corrosion Protection Of Small Steel Parts With Vci Film Using Apl04 Test Method



Samples: A B
Film: LDPE Only Film MetPro VCI Film
Micron (µ): 70 70
Nitrites: Negative Negative
Date Tested: July 3 — July 14 2014


Test Method: APL04 (Long Test)
Test Metals Used: Small steel parts supplied by customer
Temperature Cycle: 1 cycle consists of 6 hours at 40ºC and 6 hours at 10ºC
Duration: 24 hours equilibration and 10 days on test (2 cycles per day)



On a scale of 0 – 100%
(where Excellent = 0-2%, Very Good = >2 – 10%, Good = >10 – 20%, Poor = >20 – 50%, Very Poor = >50 – 100%)

Sample A B
Result Very Poor Excellent


Sample A
Sample B


The purpose of this test was to examine the anti-corrosion protection of small steel parts using MetPro VCI film. Sample A was wrapped in LDPE film, while sample B was wrapped in MetPro film.

The samples were then placed in the test chamber and subjected to alternating temperature in 100% RH. This environment enables condensation to occur on the surface of the metal, thus encourages corrosion.

On completion of the test,  the samples were removed for inspection. Sample A was found to be completely corroded indicating the severity of the test. Sample B was completely free from corrosion, indicating that the VCI film provides excellent protection from corrosion of the steel part.



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