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2nd Evaluation Of The Anti-Corrosion Protection Of Small Steel Parts With Vci Film Using Apl04 Test Method



Film: MetPro VCI Film
Metal Preparation No Cleaning
Micron (µ): 29
Nitrites: Negative
Date Tested: 25th January — 5th February 2016


Test Method: APL04 (Long Test)
Test Metals Used: Piston parts supplied by customer
Temperature Cycle: 1 cycle consists of 6 hours at 40ºC and 6 hours at 10ºC
Duration: 24 hours equilibration and 10 days on test (2 cycles per day)



On a scale of 0 – 100%
(where Excellent = 0-2%, Very Good = >2 – 10%, Good = >10 – 20%, Poor = >20 – 50%, Very Poor = >50 – 100%)

Sample Control VCI Film
Result Very Poor Excellent


VCI Film
VCI Film


The purpose of this test was to examine the anti-corrosion protection of a piston using MetPro VCI film and compare with a blank piston. A piston, still coated with traces of metal working fluid was wrapped in a 29µm MetPro film, and another was cleaned with methanol and tested as a control. Both samples were then placed in the test chamber and subjected to alternating climatic conditions.

On completion of the test, it was found that this metal is prone to corrosion as the entire surface was discoloured. The results also revealed that MetPro VCI film provided excellent protection for these part as there was no evidence of corrosion or discoloration, following the test.



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