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Evaluation of the Anti-corrosion Protection Of Metal Samples Using Different Vci Packaging Methods



Samples: A B
VCI Product: Competitor Film MetPro BioTect Film
Micron (µ): 136 120
Nitrites: Positive Negative
Date Tested: 25th September — 6th October 2015


Test Method: APL04 (Long Test)
Test Metals Used: Cast Iron parts supplied by customer
Temperature Cycle: 1 cycle consists of 6 hours at 40ºC and 6 hours at 10°C
Duration: 24 hours equilibration and 10 days on test (2 cycles per day)


The metal parts were cleaned and degreased before use


On a scale of 0 – 100%
(where Excellent = 0-2%, Very Good = >2 – 10%, Good = >10 – 20%, Poor = >20 – 50%, Very Poor = >50 – 100%)

Sample A B
Result Poor Excellent


Competitor Metal Sample after Anticorrosion test: Poor Condition
MetPro Metal Sample after Anticorrosion test: Excellent Condition


The purpose of this test was to compare the anti-corrosion protection of cast iron parts with a competitor VCI film and MetPro BioTect film. The parts were received having been through the standard washing, rinsing and spraying process carried out at our customer’s production facility. The samples were labelled A and Band prepared for corrosion testing as per the following steps:
  • Sample A was placed directly into the competitor VCI film
  • Sample B was placed into MetPro BioTect VCI film

All four samples were then placed in the climatic chamber, where they were subjected to alternating temperature and 100% relative humidity. These harsh conditions enable condensation to occur on the surface of the metals, thus encouraging corrosion.

On completion of the test, sample A was found to be corroded in a number of sections on the surface of the metal, indicating that the competitor's film does not provide sufficient protection for this type of metal. While sample B was completely free from corrosion indicating that the MetPro BioTect film VCI packaging provides excellent protection of the metals from corrosion.

The competitor's VCI film was also found to contain nitrites which react with 2° amines to produce carcinogenic nitrosamines. MetPro VCI products are free from nitrites.



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