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Evaluation Of The Anti-Corrosion Protection Of Metal Springs With Vci Film Using Apl04 Test Method



Samples: A B
Description: PE only film BioTect VCI Film
Micron (µ): 100 100
Nitrites: Negative Negative


Test Method: APL04 (Long Test)
Test Metals Used: Metal Springs supplied by customer
Temperature Cycle: 1 cycle consists of 6 hours at 40ºC and 6 hours at 10°C
Duration: 24 hours equilibration and 10 days on test (2 cycles per day)


The metal parts were cleaned and degreased before use.


On a scale of 0 – 100%
(where Excellent = 0-2%, Very Good = >2 – 10%, Good = >10 – 20%, Poor = >20 – 50%, Very Poor = >50 – 100%)

Sample A B
Result Very Poor Excellent


Sample A (Very Poor)
Sample A (Very Poor)
Sample B
Sample B


The purpose of this test was to examine the anti-corrosion protection of metal springs with VCI film compared with non-VCI film. Prior to testing, two metal springs were cleaned with methanol. One of the metals was placed in a PE only bag, while the second was placed in a BioTect VCI bag.

Both samples were then placed in the climatic chamber where they were subjected to alternating temperature in 100% relative humidity. This atmosphere enables condensation to occur on the surface of the metal, thus encourages corrosion.

Following the test, both metals were removed from each bag and inspected. The control metal which was placed in the non-VCI bag was found to be almost completely corroded, indicating that this metal part is particularly susceptible to corrosion. The metal spring which was tested in the BioTect VCI bag was found to be completely free from corrosion. The results indicate that BioTect film provides excellent anti-corrosion protection of the metal springs.




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