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Evaluation Of Rust Removal Solutions Using A Metal Shaft With Vci Liquid Samples Using Apl04 Test Method


Samples: A B
Description: Competitor Liquid LP
Date Tested 3 - 8 July 2014


Test Method: APL04 (Long Test)
Test Metals Used: Steel Shaft supplied by customer
Temperature Cycle: 1 cycle consists of 6 hours at 40ºC and 6 hours at 10°C
Duration: 24 hours equilibration and 5 days on test (2 cycles per day)


The metal parts were cleaned and degreased before use.


On a scale of 0 – 100%
(where Excellent = 0-2%, Very Good = >2 – 10%, Good = >10 – 20%, Poor = >20 – 50%, Very Poor = >50 – 100%)

Sample Control Competitor LP
Result Very Poor Poor Very Good


Rust Removal Solutions
Rust Removal Solutions
Sample A
Rust Removal Solutions
Sample B


The metal shaft was received coated in the competitor liquid. It was subsequently cut into three parts with care taken not to remove the coated from one of the three parts, which was labeled sample A. The remaining two parts were cleaned with methanol, one of which was coated in LP and labelled sample B. The third part was left uncoated and used as a control.

The samples were then placed in the test chamber in order to subject them to alternating climatic conditions. The test, which normally takes 10 days, was stopped on the 5th day as the control was very badly corroded, indicating that it is particular susceptible to corrosion.

There was significant corrosion found on sample A also, indicating that the competitor liquid provides poor protection from corrosion. Sample B was largely free from corrosion, apart from one or two specs, indicating that the LP provides excellent protection from corrosion. It is, therefore, recommended that LP be used to protect this steel shaft as it provides far superior protection than that of the competitor.

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