MetPro offers the most comprehensive industrial packaging solutions all under one roof!

MetPro Group is a leading global developer and manufacturer of a diverse range of active and protective packaging systems for the preservation and corrosion protection of high value metal products during shipping and storage. Our product range supports companies, big and small, locally and globally.

"We Are Here To Serve You"

Members of the MetPro Team, Ireland

"We Are Here To Serve You"

Members of the Global Sales and Management Team

MetPro Warehouse, Leipzig, Germany

MetPro facility, Michigan

MetPro facility, Lyon, France

MetPro warehouse, Michigan

Customer Service is our no.1 priority. We have teams and reps in 18 locations around the globe to meet your needs.

"We Are Here To Serve You"

Members of the MetPro Team, France

Helping you find the most reliable and cost effective ways to transport and store your products is our no.1 priority. So call any of our team members closest to your location. We can help.

Pouch Production: Leipzig, Germany

MetPro Facility, Tralee, Ireland

MetPro Facility, Tralee, Ireland

Putting our customers first:

Our produciton, sales, technical and support teams meet regularly to ensure we address the needs and  challenges of our customers around the globe.

MetPro’s products are high value-added (providing protection for weeks, months, and in many cases, years) and certified internationally to serve markets and applications that require a high product value to packaging cost ratio. We serve customers with global operations and have qualified to supply multiple plant locations worldwide. Whether a customer needs to protect parts or products for a few days, months or years, the MetPro product range will provide the right solution for your company. MetPro is proud to have developed a wide range of products to meet the ever changing needs of a diverse range of industries including:

MetPro Vapor Corrosion Inhbitor
  • Automotive and Locomotive
  • Electronics
  • Heavy plant machinery and equipment
  • Primary metal producers and distributors
  • Military applications
  • Precious and semi-precious metals
  • Aerospace
  • Export packing shipping
  • Contract packaging
  • Metal Engineering

Our Approach

MetPro Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

Putting the customer first: MetPro has grown from strength to strength largely due to its customer focus approach. We work hard to do everything we can to address the needs of companies losing millions annually due to severe corrosion problems. We understand the huge reputational and reworking costs and the pressures that people are under to do more with less, so we focus on developing the most appropriate industrial packaging programs.

Our commitment to customers is to provide superior quality metal packaging systems for the shipping and storage needs of our customers in the automotive, steel, and industrial manufacturing industries. We have the capacity and ability to custom engineer products to address the ever changing needs of our clients.

Investment in Research and Development. MetPro develops smart, effective solutions by continuously investing in its R&D facility. The trend today is to use the standard range of products on offer. Well that can be a very expensive decision! We have seen it time and time again, products being corroded because the industrial packaging process is not appropriate for the product being shipped. The result – the company loses money, time and reputation when the end product arrives in a compromised state to their end customer.

MetPro invests time with customers to design economical solutions to packing, storage and transportation challenges they face every day. We appreciate that one size does not fit all and we tailor our solutions to your needs.

Our Product Range

MetPro’s active packaging product line consists of a wide range of value-added packaging systems infused with its proprietary Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) tehnology (produced in-house), as well as moisture barrier packaging systems for metal products. The Group’s protective packaging portfolio includes a variety of film, paper, board, and aluminum packaging systems for the surface protection and physical damage prevention of a broad range of products. Our products include:

VCI Film and Paper Packaging

VCI Film & Paper Packaging
VCI infused film & paper packaging systems for metal shipping & storage. Protection up to 2 years (film) & 5 years (paper)

VCI Compounds (Masterbatch)

VCI Compounds (Masterbatch)
Proprietary VCI Compounds (Masterbatch) for incorporation in to film products and coating for paper/aluminum products

VCI Global Wrap

VCI Global Wrap
Steel wrapping products (automatic and manual) with surface coated VCI protection (available in film and woven)

Moisture Control Barrier Systems

Moisture Control Barrier Systems
Aluminum foil laminates, hermetically sealed to eliminate moisture, with protection up to 25 years

VCI Liquids (Metalworking fluids)

VCI Liquids (Metalworking fluids)
Diluted concentrates, metalworking fluids, cleaners and rust preventative coatings. Protection from one week to 10 years

Diffuser Range

Diffuser Range
VCI foams, emitters, boards, chips, powders, sachets, desiccants, tablets and other support products for packaging systems

Protective Packaging Systems

Protective Packaging Systems

Broad range of reinforced (coated/waxed) specialty papers, laminates, bitumen/asphalt infused papers, and crepes for packaging of metal components. Specialty protective packaging films (PE sheets and rolls) and custom poly-liners (PE) and aluminum.

What’s different about MetPro?

At MetPro we differentiate ourselves through our

  • Integrated global operations
  • Ability to custom engineer products based on individual customer requirements
  • Culture of rapid response and superior customer service, and world-class quality and safety standards
  • Development of cutting-edge technology and best-in-class VCI Masterbatch
  • Establishment of a robust sales and service network to serve all major automotive component, primary metal products, and other metal markets
  • Ability to provide custom-engineered active and protective packaging systems, tailored to the specific requirements of each customer
  • Development of steadfast supply relationships with top-tier customers across all geographies, most of which require stringent qualification standards which serve as significant barriers to entry


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