BioCor® - Brand of the Century 2022

Recorded in this book, which is published under the umbrella of the ZEIT-Verlag, are only brands that exemplify an entire product category. Thus for example BioCor® from MetPro. This B2B brand is the only representative of the packaging packaging industry has made it into this unprecedented work. Why? BioCor® corrosion protection packaging is a pioneer of environmentally friendly and climate-friendly packaging with the highest level of protection. MetPro introduces BioCor® with further innovations expansively as an umbrella brand for future-oriented packaging solutions. With high investments in research and development, a concept is being established - from material extraction from material extraction to disposal - that incorporates additional environmentally friendly environmentally friendly measures: the use of natural raw materials, the reduction of materials, the use of recycled materials, the development of suitable products for environmentally conscious industries (e.g. electromobility). electromobility) and the improvement of the CO2 footprint - for more environmentally compatible BioCor® products with an even better protective effect, which in future will even be biodegradable. even biodegradable in the future. The high-calibre jury was impressed not only by the very good quality of this quality of this B2B brand, but also the idea and the unique solutions for corrosion-free and moisture-controlled export, moisture protection and transport packaging, among other things for industrial sectors such as automotive, mechanical engineering, chemicals, aerospace building materials, steel production and distribution, and electronics. electronics. Dr. Tom Giessler, Managing Director of MetPro, comments on this valuable award: "This underscores our unique position in a very important important product category. It fills my employees and our management with pride. management with pride. We are pleased that the jury, consisting of well-known and well-known and respected brand and marketing experts, after a multi-layered application process, once again recognised our exorbitant quality standards for BioCor and recognised it. Furthermore, our company motto: 'Functionality does not exclude sustainability'. fully convinced the jury members." In the work, published by the well-known linguist and communication expert and communication expert Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, brand history is made visible made readable and visible. BioCor® from the market leader MetPro stands in this proverbial side by side companies such as ARAL, BMW, HOCHTIEF, MANNESMANN, Persil and Melitta. but also Persil and Melitta.
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