Sustainable corrosion protection: BioCor® VCI systems made of cellulose and cotton

MetPro Verpackungs-Service GmbH and deosend UG are working together on a new, innovative solution for protecting sharp-edged metallic goods that is not only functional but also particularly environmentally friendly at the same time. The new VCI-based packaging solution is to be made of cellulose and cotton blend fabric, will be compostable and will offer the usual reliable and natural corrosion protection of BioCor®.

Both MetPro Verpackungs-Service GmbH and deosend UG have qualified experience in the development of sustainable packaging solutions. The company deosend UG has previously developed systems for the protection of plants. Since this material has excellent properties that are also suitable for protecting metallic goods, it is now being examined in cooperation with MetPro whether it is possible to expand the product portfolio to include VCI systems. MetPro is the ideal partner for adding a natural corrosion protection, BioCor®-VCI, to the environmentally compatible fabric made of cellulose and cotton blends. Initial tests show high puncture resistance, high moisture absorption capacity in the cotton, and advantageous thermal recovery, with no significant residues remaining on the goods to be protected. After further tests, the new solution could be used, for example, to protect coils, as paper gussets for heavy-duty applications, as inlays or as cartons and trays.

If the subsequent tests produce further positive results, a market launch is expected by the end of 2022.

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