BioCor® - the natural corrosion protection has become a brand of the century and clearly shows MetPro's innovative and trend-setting direction in the field of corrosion protection.

 The publication "German Standards - Brands of the Century" is published by Dr. Florian Langenscheidt through TEMPUS CORPORATE GmbH, a subsidiary of ZEIT Verlag, and presents the icons of the German economy. It shows who sets standards in Germany and leads the industry in his field. 

In a high-quality illustrated book, it presents over 200 popular German brands, the "Brands of the Century". Each brand is an example of a product category. Read the entry about Bio-Cor® here.

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MetPro Managing Directors Dr. Tom Giessler and Marc Rapp

at the handing over of the certificate German Standards by Dr. Florian Langenscheidt on 14.11.2018.