370 series: VCI Emitter for every application



Series 370 MetPro PowerBox

Sustainable and reusable solution against corrosion

The MetPro PowerBox uses the VCI method to protect metal goods from corrosion during transportation and storage. VCI stands for volatile corrosion inhibitor. The MetPro PowerBox is inserted into the container, which is then tightly sealed. These inhibitors are released within closed packaging and wrap themselves around like an invisible protective cover, that prevents the metal from reacting with air and moisture.
After unpacking, the VCI evaporates without leaving any residue. This means that the packed item can be used directly without additional cleaning.

Dieses Bild zeigt die wiederverwendbaren VCI-Spender MetPro PowerBox 2000 und MetPro PowerBox 500

The MetPro PowerBox is available in two sizes. The MetPro PowerBox 2000 protects a total volume of 2,000 liters. The MetPro PowerBox 500 is suitable for use in smaller containers and protects a total volume of 500 liters.


  • High VCI concentration, which ensures long-lasting protection even for large volumes
  • Quick and easy application
  • Enables automated processes
  • Sustainable, reusable solution (up to 20 applications*)
  • Safe from an occupational health perspective
  • Free from amines and nitrites
  • Free from substances according to TRGS 615 and TRGS 900
  • The gaseous corrosion protection does not affect electrical components nor the surface finish
  • Compact, space-saving and cost-effective

*based on the PowerBox 2000

BIOCOR® VCI-Corrugated plastic


Due to their specific properties, twin-wall sheets have a head start over other materials. Thanks to their construction principle, their weight is significantly lower than that of sheets made of solid material. In addition, they have high rigidity, stability and break resistance, making them suitable for transporting heavy and sensitive loads. Hollow-chamber multiwall sheets are a robust packaging material and, thanks to BioCor® VCI, also provide highly effective corrosion protection. BioCor® VCI sheets are therefore an efficient alternative to corrugated cardboard or cardboard packaging. They are used as intermediate layers or to line wire mesh boxes, but can also be made up into web inserts or compartments. In this way, they help to separate metal parts and protect them from corrosion at the same time.

The innovative BioCor® VCI twin-wall sheets made of polypropylene-polyethylene copolymer contain highly concentrated VCI. This makes them - with easy handling - particularly effective. MetPro relies entirely on natural ingredients: BioCor® VCI twin-wall sheets contain neither nitrites nor amines; the formation of harmful nitrosamines is therefore ruled out.

What's more, the BioCor® VCI film, the BioCor® VCI Power Card, the BioCor® VCI papers and the BioCor® VCI twin-wall sheets even offer clear occupational health benefits. BioCor® is approved for BioCor® is approved for direct contact with foodstuffs and is completely free of substances listed in TRGS 900. The new material thus scores material scores twice: as a reliable product and corrosion protection at a fair protection at a fair price, and as a valuable contribution to the fulfilment of the duty of care towards all persons who come into contact with packaging materials in the packaging materials in the work process. MetPro BioCor® VCI Twin-Wall Sheets provide consistent VCI multi-metal corrosion protection - fast, effective, long-lasting and cost-efficient. They can be used, among other things, for packages made of made of steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, brass, copper or FE cast iron as well as for long transport and storage times.


  • Corrugatet plastic twin-wall sheets in various load designs with VCI
  • Compartments, punched parts, simple plates
  • Also in combination with VCI paper or VCI film



  • Transport protection for crankshafts, etc.
  • Structure of reusable transport packaging



  • Highest stability with lowest weight and highest corrosion protection
  • Effective corrosion protection
  • Residue-free
  • Harmless from the point of view of occupational H&S


The innovative product for bulk goods

This innovative BioCor® VCI-Power Card contains highly concentrated VCI and thus impresses with its its strong efficacy with easy handling. MetPro relies on natural natural ingredients and the BioCor® VCI-Power Card contains neither contains neither nitrites nor amines. This means that no harmful nitrosamines can form and both the BioCor® VCI film and the BioCor® VCI-Power Card are beneficial from an occupational health point of view. BioCor® is also approved for direct contact with foodstuffs and is completely free of substances listed in TRGS 900. Incompatibilities which have been frequently observed in the past, are a thing of the past with BioCor®. BioCor® are a thing of the past. The new material ensures protection for the products at a reasonable price, but also makes a valuable but also makes a valuable contribution to increasing responsibility towards the to the people involved in the work process.

At the same time At the same time, the innovation impresses with its special performance products against corrosion. The MetPro BioCor® VCI-Power Card ensures fast-acting, long-lasting and cost-efficient cost-efficient VCI multi-metal corrosion protection (among other things for packages made of steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, brass, copper, FE castings, etc.) even for long transport and storage times. Simply add the card into the bulk goods, for example. Perfect and clean for containers from 15-50 litres. Let us advise you individually individual needs.


  • VCI Powercards in different sizes and with high VCI concentration


  • Protection of metallic bulk materials


  • Residue-free corrosion protection
  • Easy to use


For the electronic future

„MetPro BioCor® E-XTRA VCI-Power Card flexible“ is a new generation of VCI that offers a super E-XTRA anticorrosion effect even for sensitive electrical components. Corrosive surfaces of electronic components are protected without residue and the conductivity is maintained. „MetPro BioCor® E-XTRA VCI Power Card flexible“ provides true multimetalic protection for long transport and storage times. The integrated vapor phase inhibitors consist of all-natural extracts, free of amine, nitrite and benzotriazole, and are thus safe for occupational health as well as TRGS 900 and TRGS 615 compatible.


  • MetPro BioCor-E-XTRA®  VCI-Power Card flexible
  • 200x200x25 mm
  • Material: LDPE



  • Corrosive surfaces at electronic components
  • Super BioCor-E-XTRA® effect for copper
  • Bulk goods, as an addition to PE bags, boxes, containers and cabinets
  • All metals



  • VCI corrosion protection from nature
  • Natural ingredients and thus occupationally safe
  • Structure of the cards offers large VCI evaporating surface
  • Cards are cuttable and therefore ideal to dispense
  • Easy handling
  • Long effectiveness
  • VCI-Wirkung bleibt auch erhalten, wenn z.B.
    nach Zollkontrollen die Verpackung wieder geschlossen wird
  • Without residue and clean
  • Reusable


Well padded with reliable corrosion protection

MetPro's water-based foam is a unique packaging product designed specifically for valuable and sensitive electronic equipment, components, ferrous and non-ferrous parts and heavy machinery. The special feature of the foam is its ability to store a high concentration of vapor phase and contact corrosion inhibitors in its polyurethane structure, providing 10 times higher metal corrosion protection coverage than conventional VCI papers and films, making it ideal for large surfaces.


  • VCI foam for holding valuable goods
  • Dimensions on customer request



  • Electronic components
  • Valuable components



  • Safe and effective protection against corrosion
  • Foam additionally protects against shocks


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