Long-term moisture protection through barrier packaging

Longer transports and storage times promote the formation of water vapour condensate within transport and storage containers, causing condensation and corrosion.


MetPro offers comprehensive long-term corrosion protection using the desiccant method. The desiccant method is based on the fact that within a barrier layer envelope made of aluminium composite film with the help of desiccant, a microclimate deviating from the environment with low humidity is created and maintained so that no corrosion can take place.



  • No corrosion
  • Suitable for all materials
  • No rust, no mildew, no moisture damage
  • Suitable for long-term preservation over decades
  • Residue-free removal from the packaged goods


See our explanatory film:


What are "CLIMA" packages and how do they work?

It is barrier packaging made of aluminium composite film  and it works by removing moisture from the package using a desiccant and thus prevents corrosion: