Funktionalität schließt Nachhaltigkeit nicht aus

Functionality does not exclude sustainability

Functionality does not exclude sustainability: The new BioCor® corrosion protection films

Nachhaltiger Korrosionsschutz mit der Serie 300 BioCor

When developing new solutions, we attach great importance to optimal functionality and active environmental protection. Our improved BioCor® formulation offers an extended protection spectrum and more environmentally friendly variants. Learn more about the Series 300 BioCor®

The BioCor® 300 HP: Reduced thickness and high strength

BioCor® 300 HP is a high-strength and at the same time thickness-reduced corrosion protection film. It convinces with its high strength already from a thickness of 50 µm and withstands even strong mechanical stress. The reduced thickness saves space and avoids unnecessary waste.

Reducing CO2 emissions with the BioCor® R-Series

The BioCor® R-Series films reduce CO2 emissions during production. BioCor® 300 RY contains up to 75% recycled material from high quality commercial post consumer waste, saving around 30% CO2 during production. Our recycled films are also available as HighPerformance films. BioCor® 300 RP econtains up to 30% recycled and impresses with its high strength.

Reduce the "plastic tax" with BioCor® recycled films

By using our recycled films, you can reduce or even completely avoid the "plastic tax" that applies in some European countries.

For more infromation about the BioCor® R-Series, please visit our YouTube channel .



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