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As a division of Transcendia, MetPro Group is a leading manufacturer of VCI film, VCI papers, and anti-corrosion packaging. With its unique industrial packaging solutions, the MetPro Group guarantees high-tech companies a corrosive-free and moisture-controlled value chain - for a trouble-free, environmentally friendly and efficient manufacturing process.

Our BioCor® technology platform completely dispenses with conventional VCI chemicals. The BioCor® product range, launched in 2014, is entirely based on natural extracts and is therefore free of nitrites, amines and benzotriazolic acids. BioCor® film is even approved for direct contact with food.

People and nature are at the forefront without sacrificing sophisticated protective functions for metallic materials. After years of intensive research in our own research laboratory, a VCI revolution could be realized with this development. BioCor® has achieved a worldwide unique standard in the B2B sector since its market launch on the basis of its outstanding properties for occupational health harmlessness with simultaneous effectiveness against corrosion and flexible application (extruded plastic, paper, liquid, etc.).

MetPro offers the perfect corrosion protection packaging for every application and develops individual packaging solutions together with its customers. BioCor® provides excellent multi-metal protection (for steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, brass, FE castings, etc.) for transport or storage. This is documented by extensive approvals from the metal and automotive industries, as well as tests by BFSV, IKS and other independent testing institutes.

The MetPro Group has numerous sales, R&D, manufacturing and distribution locations worldwide, particularly in Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, India, South Africa and North America.


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