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W: 52 mm ± 0.5 mm | L: 100 mm ± 1 mm

Tests have concluded that one BioTect® VCI PowerCard will give several years’ corrosion protection in sealed packages with a volume of up to 50 litres, given free circulation of the natural, protective volatiles around the packaged metal item.

The recyclable BioTect® VCI PowerCard is available in “credit card” format, or in bespoke shapes and sizes, with or without print. The standard colour is blue, but other colours can be made available upon request.

The PowerCard joins the growing family of MetPro BioTect VCI Film and paper products, which all benefit from significant advantages in performance and convenience, notably:

MetPro introduce a new robust, economical and highly effective VCI emitter in a convenient, “credit card” format.

With a high concentration of MetPro’s innovative BioVCI, this easy to use emitter is designed to provide long term multi-metal corrosion protection in transit and storage.

H: 2.3mm ± 0.2mm

Outstanding corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, confirmed by extensive approvals in the metalworking and automotive industries, as well as independent and competent authorities such as the BFSV and IKS.

Revolutionary BioVCI Technology, which is free of nitrites, amines and benzotriazole. The result is a corrosion inhibitor technology, which cannot trigger nitrosamines, nor induce employee skin, eye or respiratory irritation.

A significant contribution to occupational health, underpinned by compliance with TRGS 900 and TRGS 615. It has no unpleasant odour and is so safe to use that it even carries direct food safety contact approval from PIRA!

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