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Protection of the environment and social responsibility for the future do not necessarily involve higher costs or impair quality. Our sustainable products are proof of this. Be environmentally friendly and benefit at the same time with “We Care”, the environmental initiative from MetPro.

GO GREEN – WE CARE - Rust Prevention

Corotex© VCI Anti-corrosion green paper range from MetPro

rust prevention


Go Green Rust Prevention


Established rust prevention products are now even more ecological

Whether steel, electrolytically galvanised or copper parts, Corotex© VCI rust prevention paper from MetPro eliminates the need for conservation with oil and lubricants. Just remove the paper and the protected part can be processed immediately.

In addition to our company‘s tried and tested Corotex© VCI rust prevention papers, we now have the ecofriendly range with a special recycling feature.

This range is produced with recycled paper, fewer chemicals and uses less of our world’s most precious resource, water. It is particularly suited for Fe-metals, nickel, chrome and aluminum and offers corrosion protection on both sides.

Our Corotex© VCI rust prevention green range paper can be used in the following applications:

  • Standard wrapping paper
  • Complete metal wrapping
  • Interleaving & box liners

The high-quality VCI formula condenses on the metal surface and provides immediate protection to your product.

This means: Even better VCI protection, with fewer chemicals and less precious water used.

CorroWork©, CorroClean© and CorroTect©

CorroWork©, CorroClean© and CorroTect© rust prevention
CorroWork©, CorroClean© and CorroTect© rust prevention

The new green range of products offers complete rust prevention from manufacturing right through to storage!

Here’s yet another innovation!
In addition to our packaging solutions, MetPro also offers you a new green range of liquid products to help in the multiple stages of your manufacturing processes. The complete range of oil-free and water-soluble concentrates offers you complete protection at all levels of metal treatment – from processing through to cleaning and ultimately to storage.


  • Corrosion protection
  • Excellent solubility in water
  • Can be simply washed off with water
  • No sticky film residue on the component
  • Ensures precision manufacturing of your products
  • Protects your tools and machinesschützt vor Korrosion


  • Corrosion protection
  • No oiling or greasing of parts required
  • Free from hazardous compounds, such as sodium hydroxide
  • Apply by spray, immersion, brush or roller
  • Cleans and protects your product from corrosion at the same time


  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Easily removed with water based cleaners
  • Extremely thin protective layer

Packaging with air – nothing could be more environmentally friendly

Economical packaging with the new AirBoy® system for rust prevention

Economical packaging with the new AirBoy® system

The MetPro AirBoy® system – a low cost, environmentally friendly packaging solution!

The AirBoy® system has been designed to allow you to produce your own packaging, on site, when you need it for rust prevention. You no longer have to source and store bulky protective packaging products and what could be more environmentally friendly than air packaging to ensure the secure transportation of your goods?

You can now produce air cushioning packaging on site, when you need it. The air cushion system works reliably and economically, thanks to the machine designed exclusively for this purpose. Not only is the film of high quality, it is also reusable and 100% recyclable (polyethylene).

The film content of the cushion is less than 1% of the volume; that is 5-20 times less material than alternative solutions! The Airboy® system also reduces your packaging costs by 80% and eliminates the demand for storage space of bulky packaging products.

The AirBoy® system is suited for many product types, such as:

  • Entertainment electronics
  • Computer and peripheral devices
  • Furniture, antiques, art
  • Glass and ceramics, optical components, lamps
  • Motors, gear boxes, other mechanical components
  • Spare parts of all types
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals

VCI film – visible corrosion protection

rust prevention

Environmentally friendly film thanks to the highly recyclable material content

With a high proportion of recyclable materials, this green range product helps your company become more environmentally friendly without compromising on quality or price.

VCI films are available in various configurations:

  • Mono or co-extruded
  • Single wound sheeting
  • Centre fold sheeting
  • Lay flat tubing
  • Gusseted tubing
  • Flat bags
  • Gusseted bags
  • Box liners and covers
  • Skin, stretch and shrink films
  • Elasticated bags
  • Special custom-made constructions

MetPro packaging products protect!

MetPro rust prevention

And they help conserve our natural resources

MetPro products provide environmentally friendly protection against transport damage and rust. Sustainability which benefits you and your environment



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