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MetPro also has a range of VCI diffusers which are high strength or concentrated for rust prevention.



Metal Corrosion Protection

VCI impregnated board offers excellent rust prevention that can be utilized either as a support product in conjunction with an existing VCI material such as a VCI bag or else as a standalone product in an enclosed PE bag. A number of different VCI types are available to target specific levels of protection as required by different metals.


This product is offered in a wide range of sizes, from 100x70cm to 3.5x3.5cm size, with the coverage from 1 standard A4 size board providing protection for a volume of approximately 120L in an enclosed environment. Its low odor and environmentally friendly ingredients make it an ideal material for use in a wide range of applications and industries.

Due to the amount of VCI impregnated in the boards, this type of product is ideally suited for long term storage of parts and components (up to 5 years if used with hermetically-sealed VCI bag), with the added benefit of subsequent easy removal of the VCI product.

Recent R&D work has focussed on producing a clear, non-staining VCI liquid for better aesthetics and incorporating non-smear printing for increased branding opportunities.


VCI Foams for Metal Corrosion Protection

MetPro’s water-based foam is a unique packaging product specially formulated for expensive and delicate electrical and electronic equipment, components, ferrous and non-ferrous parts and heavy machineries from the corrosive effects of moisture, salts and pollutants. The main feature of the foam is its ability to withhold a high load of vapour phase and contact corrosion inhibitors in its polyurethane structure, which gives over 10 times more metal corrosion protection coverage than the traditional VCI paper and films therefore making it ideal for large surfaces and long term protection.


Key features:

  • Vapour and contact protection offered to a wide range of metals including steel, galvanized steel, copper, brass, aluminium and silver
  • Can be placed / fixed in any position required
  • Available in customised sizes
  • Mono-ionic VCI layer does not affect electrical /optical/mechanical surface properties.


VCI Satchets for Metal Corrosion Protection

MetPro VCI Sachet is an organic product formulated to give extended rust prevention to multi metallic systems. The product will protect mild steel, zinc, aluminium, copper, tin and other metals and alloys. Sachets are best used in conjunction with another VCI product such as VCI film or paper.

VCI sachets are very versatile and are easily applied. They contain chemicals with high vapor pressure which can reach inaccessible areas. The sachets are environmentally and user friendly, contain no nitrites, phosphates or heavy metals, and are biodegradable.

Effective protection is achieved by placing sachets in the vicinity of painted/unpainted metal parts and by using it along with VCI Paper in packaging of large machines and in large volume packaging.

Sachets find use in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Pumps & Motors, Ferrous & No-Ferrous Castings & forgings
  • Machined Parts& components
  • Metal Pipes & Tube / Marine Vessels & tanks
  • Tools & spare parts boxes / Electrical & Electronic control panels
  • Marine / Aero space / Military instruments

MetPro VCI Sachets are available in 1, 5, 10gram sachets.

MetPro VCI Emitters

VCI Emmitters | Metal Corrosion Protection

MetPro VCI Emitters contain impregnated board enclosed in an easy to install plastic holder. These effective and environmentally friendly VCI products offer continuous metal corrosion protection to a range of metals in various enclosed environments.

These products come with an optional self-adhesive backing for ease of installation and are a cost-effective way to protect metals. The VCI chemical does not interfere with electrical or other surface properties and is effective even in regularly opened enclosures.

Common fields of application includes electrical boxes and cabinets, tool and spare part boxes and control panels.

MetPro VCI Tablets

VCI Tablets | Metal Corrosion Protection

MetPro VCI Tablets are formed from VCI powder and are an efficient and dry method of protecting ferrous & non-ferrous metals by providing a monomolecular protective layer on metal surfaces, guarding against oxidation and corrosion. The tablets offer a very convenient and effective method of protecting metals from corrosion within a package. They can be easily dispensed into the package either manually or with a dispenser.

Tablets are most suited to use in enclosed containers, such as electrical boxes, cabinets, polythene bags and cartons. VCI Tablets are especially suitable for protection of spare parts/components packed in polybags due to ease of insertion either manually or with a dispenser.



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