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Introducing WrapPro Industrial Packaging: The new printable long-profile wrapping solution from MetPro
New Innovations: WrapPro Industrial Packaging
Steel Wrap Industrial Packaging

WrapPro HD has been engineered and developed specially for industrial packaging use. Up to 40 times stronger than stretch film giving ultimate protection and branding of almost any long profile product.

Steel Wrap Industrial Packaging

Need an incredibly strong and protective stretch film that"s fully printable?

WrapPro has you covered

WrapPro HD is an innovative polyethylene film industrial packaging solution that affords greater protection and branding opportunities through automatic spiral wrapping. Unlike stretch film, WrapPro HD is incredibly strong and fully printable. It saves time and money while putting your brand on every product shipment that leaves the factory floor.

WrapPro HD can be used to wrap and protect:

  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • Pipes
  • Plastic Extrusions
  • Carpet Rolls
  • Textile Rolls
  • Geosynthetic materials
  • Any other long profile products needing protective or unified packaging

If you"ve been using other protective packaging because regular stretch film won’t work, WrapProHD is your cost-effective solution. It replaces banding and boxes or other protective packaging for lumber, extruded architectural products and aluminum siding or other long profiles where traditional stretch film is not viable.

Wrap Pro HD Range
Coil Wrap

Stretch film has always been a fast and effective industrial packaging solution, however it is not effective for many applications and customers often encounter contact tears and damage during storage. WrapPro, unlike stretch film, will not tear or become damaged during contact in storage.

WrapPro Industrial Packaging Products

WrapPro HD - Innovative, effective and fast industrial packaging.

Cutting Edge Technology

Technically advanced product protection solutions for every industry
Originally developed for the heavy duty requirements of the steel industry, MetPro"s new WrapPro is a revolutionary high strength film that can be used with semi-automatic or fully automatic spiral wrapping machines.

Versatile and customizable - works with any spiral wrapping machine
WrapPro HD is a technically engineered film that provides puncture and tear resistance through the automatic wrapping of materials. It is a high-strength polyethylene film that fits any standard machine with widths from 6"-100". It is available in film thicknesses of 1.5 - 5 mils.

Heavy duty strength + HD sealing= 35% reduction in packing time
WrapPro HD is up to 40 times stronger than ordinary stretch film and because of this reliability delivers increased productivity from your wrapping machine investment. Breakage can be reduced by up to 50% while using less than half the amount of film.

WrapPro HD"s innovative technology uses a self sealing system that can reduce overlap as low as 15% (compare with stretch film overlap at 60%) and still provides a fully protected profile while also being easier to remove. Easy removal means you save time and money on receiving and unwrapping.

Packaging matters - every shipped product should be your brand ambassador WrapPro HD is fully printable while maintaining all protective properties. The film can be manufactured in many colors and printed with multi-colored corporate logos. WrapProHD turns a non marketable finished product into a corporate branding board.

Let MetPro"s experts help you find the right WrapPro HD product & ProfileWrap machine.
We will combine the right WrapPro HD product with the ideal Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic spiral wrapping machine to increase your overall industrial packaging productivity while decreasing your packing and production costs:

  • MetPro"s WrapPro HD. A single substrate for complete protective packaging solutions.
  • WrapPro HD - One-layer protection with 40 times the strength and durability of ordinary stretch film.
  • WrapPro HD Plus - Includes Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor to protect metal from corrosion
  • WrapPro HD XS - Xtra Strength woven film providing up to 40 times strength & tear resistance.
  • WrapPro HD XS Plus - Xtra Strength woven film Plus VCI gives ultimate corrosion protection.


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