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Activated Clay Desiccant Bags Are Recommended for Industrial Packaging

Are you looking for a way to protect your packaging from moisture?

Are you searching for a versatile product that can be easily applied?

Do you want a product that is environmentally safe?

A history of producing quality can mean the difference between a customer choosing you or choosing your competition. When you’re focused on quality, protecting your work and ensuring its longevity are critical. If you want to provide the best products imaginable, you may need to protect your products with activated clay desiccants.

MetPro has been developing packaging solutions since 1997, allowing us to provide anti-corrosion packaging solutions in water-vapor barrier export technology or sea freight packaging with desiccants and Climapac to a wide variety of various industries, including the automotive and construction sectors. 

Industrial Packaging Recommendations:

Activated clay desiccant bags are recommended for both primary and secondary packaging protection, where standardization of the weight of the bag is not needed.

The size of desiccant bags containing clay is referred to as desiccant units (NFH or DIN), which stands for the power of absorbing water vapor.

What Makes Our Activated Clay the Best Product Available?

MetPro activated clay is an organic product formulated to give extended rust protection to multiple metallic systems. The product will protect mild steel, zinc, aluminum, copper, tin and other metals and alloys. Activated clay desiccant bags are best used in conjunction barrier packaging. For oversea transport applications, it might make sense to apply even more VCI technology – the combination of both principles ensures rust prevention.

Our desiccants are very versatile and can be applied easily. They contain chemicals with high vapor pressure which can reach inaccessible areas. The activated clay is environmentally safe and user friendly, contain no nitrites, phosphates or heavy metals, and is biodegradable.

You can achieve effective protection for your large machines and large volume packaging by placing activated clay desiccant bags with metal parts hermetically sealed in barrier packaging.

Our Desiccants Can Be Used in a Wide Variety of Applications!

Our activated clay desiccants can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Pumps & motors, ferrous & non-ferrous castings & forgings
  • Machined parts & components
  • Metal pipes & tubes / marine vessels & tanks
  • Tools & spare parts boxes / electrical & electronic control panels
  • Marine / aerospace / military instruments

Our desiccant unit size ranges from 1/6 to 32, and comes with or without a fastening strap packed in cartons or euro pallet containers. Custom sizes, small unites or special ready-made forms of supply are also available on customer request.

Typical examples for applying this anti-corrosion is e.g. the oversea transport Automotive parts from/to Asia, where humidity is comparatively high. Alternatively, long-term storage of high value metallic parts such as in the defense industry, where quality is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions about Activated Clay Desiccants

What causes corrosion?

The presence of condensation and high humidity in packaging causes corrosion, as well as hand perspiration, passive condensation and interaction with contaminants and chemicals.

How can you control humidity?

In order to prevent corrosion, humidity should not rise over a certain threshold. Therefore, barrier packaging prevents humidity from entering the package and our Activated desiccant absorbs the remaining moisture. And as we do not like negative surprises, we can calculate how much desiccant is necessary given the volume and the climatic challenges of the transport.

Do desiccants have to be placed a certain way for maximum protection?

Yes. The position of the desiccant drying agent within the packaging is very important! It must be placed strategically so it can absorb all the humidity inside the package. Learn more here!

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