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MetPro – All your Industrial Packaging Needs under one Roof!

Are you a manufacturer or shipper of products? Are you having problems with products not arriving to their destinations rust-free? Do you use several forms of packaging, but nothing works quite the way you’d like it to?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then contact MetPro today to discover the endless range of industrial packaging products we offer. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of industrial packaging to industries including: Automotive, Logistic, Steel, Food, and Pharmaceutical, just to name a few!


MetPro’s Industrial Packaging is designed to protect your products against a number of threats like corrosion, damage, dust, and slippage. Our VCI industrial packaging products are the best in the world. We have decades of experience in the VCI world, making our VCI technology second to none in the business!  Our VCI technology is designed in-house and has a number of key benefits; it’s safe, reliable and effective!


But how do you choose the correct industrial packaging for your process and products? A number of factors need to be considered so that your product is not only protected, but that the packaging does not affect your process or your workers in a negative way.


Factors to consider:

  • Type, size and format of the product
  • Production process; if heat, water or oils are used
  • Cleaning methods
  • Manual versus auto handling
  • Packing station location relative to other processes
  • Shipping time and final destination
  • Length of protection required
  • Ensure compliance to industrial standards 

Basic shipment and storage issues that need to be considered:

  • Is your product being delivered locally or internationally?
  • Will your part be at sea (in the hull of a ship) for more than a week?
  • What climatic conditions and temperature variations will your product undergo during shipment?
  • How long will your component require protection?


We’re very proud of the range of our effective and safe industrial packaging products; VCI Film, VCI Paper, Coilwrap, Moisture Barrier Packaging, and Metalworking Fluids.


We manufacture a VCI additive called Masterbatch. Masterbatch is incorporated into polythene to make our super effective anti-corrosion film, BioTect. MetPro VCI films work by volatilizing into the surrounding area and releasing vapor deposits on the metal surface. This vapor forms a mono-molecular layer providing protection to the packed metal part during shipment and storage. VCI films protect metals through direct contact and vapor phase action. With a comprehensive range of additive masterbatches for VCI film production, we can offer ferrous, non-ferrous, cast iron and many more types of VCI film.


We also manufacture VCI Liquids that can be coated onto various paper substrates to make our VCI Paper range. Our VCI Papers can be used in interleaving applications or in any other application where a packaging paper is preferred. When the metal part is enclosed, wrapped or interleaved with VCI paper, vapours are emitted this saturates the surrounding air space. Our VCI Paper is produced using kraft papers which have been saturated on both sides with a proprietary formulation of corrosion inhibitors to provide a powerful protective layer for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as, multi-metallic alloys.


We also hold a wide variety of films and weaves in our product portfolio for the steel industry like Rapaid, Rapweave, and Alurap. Our steel wrapping products can be used manually or by automatic handling as they provide a unique capability of sealing. A VCI version is also available!


Humidity is an important factor to control during storage and transport. MetPro manufactures and supplies a moisture barrier packaging in which the atmosphere inside the package is altered physically (by addition of desiccant = dehumidification) or chemically by VCI inhibitors. Desiccants are a very good rust prevention method when used correctly with an aluminium heat sealed bag or a very dense polymer based material. It’s major disadvantage is being sensitive to leaks. Any damage to the barrier film will destroy the protection of a whole unit, which is why we recommend that you pack all units in wooden boxes. The amount of desiccant has to be calculated according to the distance of the shipping location and the time it takes to deliver.


MetPro also manufactures and supplies a wide range of liquids for the production and packaging process. Our oil-free and water-soluble concentrates works with different processes and ensures safe corrosion protection during all stages of metal treatment - from processing through cleaning and storage, covering the entire operation. From the first step in metal processing to the completion and conservation for storage or shipping, CorroWork©, Corro-Clean© and CorroTect© provide optimum solutions.


While MetPro can supply high quality and effective industrial packaging; some guidelines need to be followed during the packing process to ensure the product is properly packed:


  • Packaging personnel should always wear gloves while handling metal parts.  
  • Parts should be clean and free of fingerprints before wrapping. Fingerprints are a common problem that’s created long before your products are packed in VCI. They typically appear a few weeks or months after unpacking. This is a very common problem that affects all types of rust preventive packaging, not only VCI packaging.
  • Package your clean products as quickly as possible. 
  • The VCI coated material should face onto the metal surface. 
  • Use VCI products to separate metal surfaces from acidic packing materials like corrugated boxes and wooden pallets to prevent corrosion at the contact points. 
  • The duration of protection depends on the VCI paper and packing method used. 
  • Packages may be opened and resealed without affecting the corrosion protection.
  • Store unused VCI in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. 


For best results, we recommend testing the VCI product for compatibility prior to use.


Compatibility testing is a service that MetPro provides to our customers in our custom built laboratories. Our technical team has years of experience and knowledge in the packaging industry. They can modify testing procedures to replicate actual storage or transport conditions for your product. Our technical team can determine if our products are compatible with the products that you need protected. We’ll also ensure if they’re compatible with any oils or liquids that are used during the manufacturing or packing process.


Industrial packaging is MetPro’s core business! We’ve been supplying industrial packaging globally to a wide range of industries and markets for over 20 years. We have a global network of production facilities that can ensure our industrial packaging products are delivered to you in a timely manner. MetPro has a full range of VCI products; there’s nothing about VCI or corrosion protection that we don’t know! We’ve built an in-house R&D Laboratory that can react to customer custom packaging requirements, but also react to the ever changing industry standards and legislation.


To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your industrial packaging products, contact the experts today! We’ll guarantee our industrial packaging products will exceed your packaging requirements.



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