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Make Aluminium Compound Foil Your Packaging Solution for Long Term Storage and Machinery!

Do you need reliable protection for your goods in transit and storage? Are you having a hard time finding packaging that’s tear resistant and that helps your packages arrive damage-free? Do you want a packaging product that will meet all your requirements?

Our corrosion protection systems have been proven by companies using our packaging for long-term storage and for exporting machinery all across the globe. We’re the experts in the application of aluminium compound foil for effective and efficient packaging solutions for all your transit and long-term storage needs.

Our Aluminium Compound Foil CLIMA packaging material is a moisture control barrier system that’s #1 in corrosion protection. This material allows the atmosphere inside the packaging to be adjusted by the addition of desiccants (dehumidification) or VCI inhibitors (chemical passivation) so no corrosion occurs. Our Aluminium Compound Foil CLIMA Packaging solution protects your products from environmental elements such as: sun, rain, humidity and salt water, as well as dust and dirt. 

Keys to Successful Corrosion Protection with Aluminium Compound Foil

MetPro uses the highest quality materials and up-to-date processing technologies to meet our customer’s needs. Aluminium Compound Foil packaging combined with desiccants is ideal for sea freight. It has proven itself over and over again! However, to ensure that there’s successful protection during shipment, a number of key factors need to be considered:

  1. Complete sealing of package
  2. Ensure that care is taken to avoid damage to the packaging material
  3. Ensure that the desiccant is active
  4. Pack your products dry, clean and free of hand perspiration
  5. Take extra care when using wood, carton, paper and compound interlayers
  6. Seal all potential causes of punctures – e.g. nails, screws
  7. Protect high barrier laminates against mechanical destruction like puncturing or abrasion
  8. Avoid water deposits on package
  9. Evacuate remaining air by using a vacuum pump or an industrial vacuum cleaner
  10. Air evacuation will keep the foil form stable against damage (e.g. wind) and will test the hermetic seal
  11. The desiccant should have unimpeded contact with the surrounding atmosphere
  12. Calculate a sufficient amount of desiccant

Wide Variety of Aluminium Compound Foil Available

Our Aluminium Compound Foil can be supplied in a wide variety of formats. The format is dependent on the items that require protection and the environment in which they’re being stored or transported, including:

  • Rolls and tubes 
  • Container inlays
  • Box Liners Container Liners
  • Covers with and without base
  • Covers with sealed bottoms
  • Inlays for Octabins (with and without discharge parts)
  • Side gusseted bags
  • With inspection window for customs checks or desiccant control
  • Seamed covers 

Protect a Variety of Items With CLIMA Packaging Technology!

Our Aluminium Compound Foil is so versatile that it can be used to protect a wide variety of items:

  • Electrical equipment and appliances
  • Optical equipment
  • High voltage switches
  • Equipment
  • Food and confectionary
  • Pharmaceutical/chemical/hygroscopic products
  • Machines
  • Most industrial goods
  • Products which are prone to oxidation
  • Sensitive semi-finished products such as castings, wire, sheet metal

MetPro’s Aluminium Compound Foil can also be supplied printed or unprinted with corporate logos. Our main Aluminium Compound Foil product, CLIMAPAC 2810 consists of 12 micron Polyester, 8 micron aluminium foil, 100 micron low density PE, and a heat-seal. MetPro’s Aluminium compound foils meet requirements of National and International standards (e.g. DIN/MIL/TL).

MetPro is Dedicated to Your Packaging Requirements: Get Started Today! 

We’re dedicated to ensuring that our customer’s packaging requirements are met. MetPro would especially like to ensure that your products are protected from environmental elements that can cause damage and deterioration. We’ll work continuously with you from enquiry to order to ensure the right Aluminium Compound Foil packaging solution for your packaging needs. 

With over 70 years of experience in the field, we can assist our customers with their unique packaging needs! Our approach to customer satisfaction is achieved by clearly understanding your needs and expectations, so that we can offer the most suitable and cost-effective solution. 

We’re committed to providing superior quality packaging systems for the shipping and storage needs of our customers in the automotive, steel, and industrial manufacturing industries. In addition, we’re dedicated to meeting industry standards and our products and packaging solutions are developed in collaboration with customers to ensure adherence to both customer and industry expectations.

MetPro offers custom designs for your products, no matter what kind of protection you need! We’ll be more than happy to work with you and figure out the best protection for your products. Contact us today and find out what Aluminium Compound Foil packaging solution MetPro can offer you. Fill out our contact form , or give us a call at +353 667 18 1055. We have offices around the globe, so we’re never far away!



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