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The Many Ways Desiccants Can Help in Transporting Your Products!


Do you need to protect your products against moisture?

Are you looking for a desiccant that will protect your entire line of products?

Do you transport products to parts of the world that are known to be humid and rainy?

Often, dew can collect on materials causing them to rust if they’re exposed to dampness over an extended period of time. Protect your investment with Metpro CLIMAGEL desiccants!
Our CLIMAGEL desiccants are proven drying agents that were introduced to the market decades ago and offer a certified efficiency. Our CLIMAGEL is based on a natural, environmentally friendly and inert desiccant clay offering a very high adsorptive binding capacity with regard to humidity. MetPro CLIMAGEL extracts the humidity of the surrounding air and binds it permanently.

Barrier packaging with MetPro CLIMAGEL desiccants protect all moisture-sensitive and hygroscopic packaging goods such as: machines, electronic or optical assemblies, pharmaceutical or chemical products, medical devices, leather goods, textiles, food-stuffs or military goods against decay, corrosion, fungal attacks, dew moisture, moisture absorption, condensation and potential electrolyte formation.

Additional features of MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccants:

•    Certified effectiveness according to DIN CERTCO
•    Ensures stable, required humidity of less than 5% relative humidity
•    Natural, environmentally friendly active agent
•    Non-woven bag from 1/6 to 32 TME, with and without fastening strap in cartons, or Europallet containers, special sizes, or special units on request

MetPro VCI Packaging with a Difference!

At MetPro we recognize the complexity and challenges that customers face every day in the packaging and transportation of their products and parts. It is an expensive and timely business. You can benefit from significant savings of time and money when the right VCI packaging materials and processes are used and when parts arrive at their destination ready to use immediately!

MetPro offers a wide variety of products and can tailor solutions to your specific needs. Contact us today for a brochure of packaging solutions we can offer you by filling out our form, or give us a call at 517-586-0011.



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