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Corrosion Protection with MetPro Desiccants!

Corrosion is a worldwide problem that can cost businesses millions of dollars annually in both prevention and correction. We’re experts when it comes to corrosion prevention! We offer world class solutions to a worldwide problem. 

Corrosion takes place when material deteriorates due to exposure to elements in the environment. This deterioration is referred to as “rust” when it occurs in metals. In this case, chemical reactions are created by exposing the electrons in the metal to water and oxygen. Usually corrosion is the oxidation of metals in the presence of water or water vapor, known as rust (iron, steel), white rust (galvanized steel), and other terms such as tarnish, pitting, flaking and spalling.

There are two different methods employed in corrosion protection, including:

1.    Physical corrosion protection (essentially the withdrawal of humidity)

  • Transport packaging in the form of PE-bag usually in combination with desiccants
  • Aluminium foil in combination with desiccants
  • Vacuum packaging

2.    Chemical corrosion protection (modification of the physical process) 

  • Oils and fluids
  • Acids and bases
  • Washing emulsions
  • Corrosion Protection Inhibitors (VCI films, VCI papers, VCI cardboards, etc.)
  • Varnishing
  • Zinc coating
  • Synthetic coating
  • Protective gases (oxygen scavenging and ethylene absorbing)

MetPro has decades of experience in the anti-corrosion packaging industry. We’re specialists in designing effective, safe and efficient anti-corrosion packaging solutions. 

Prevent Corrosion By Altering The Packaging Environment

Desiccants can prevent corrosion by altering the packaging environment to remove moisture and humidity. Desiccants work well when they’re applied with a good vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI).

MetPro‘s VCI products are made of proprietary chemical formulations that are invisible, odorless, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-flammable and non-allergenic. These chemical formulations release a corrosion inhibiting vapor that diffuses throughout an enclosure and settles on exposed metal surfaces to form a microscopic or monomolecular corrosion inhibiting layer.

This protective layer will remain on the surface of the metal as long as there’s no significant, continuous exchange of air within the enclosure. Once the metal part is removed from the enclosure, the corrosion inhibiting layer is no longer kept in place by equilibrium and it dissipates (typically within about an hour) leaving the metal part clean, dry and corrosion-free!

Our VCI products offer corrosion protection without having to be in direct contact with or coated onto the parts that are being protected. Metal parts need to be enclosed in or with a VCI product (where airflow is minimized) for protection to occur. With VCI, it’s no longer necessary to apply messy oils, greases and other corrosion protection compounds and incur the cost of their removal.

For long term packaging solutions, we have a range of Desiccant products that will give you the required protection during both transport and storage. We guarantee that our desiccants will ensure that your products will arrive at their intended destination corrosion and rust free! 

Long Term and Short Term Packaging Environment Solutions 

MetPro’s Desiccants come in two formats; activated clay desiccants or silica gel desiccants. Both types of desiccants will adsorb moisture within your packaging environment. The amount of moisture adsorbed within the packaging environment will be dependent on the quality and quantity of desiccant used. 

CLIMAGEL, activated clay desiccants supplied by MetPro are based on natural, environmentally friendly and inert desiccant clay which offers a very high adsorptive binding capacity with regard to humidity. CLIMAGEL desiccants will extract the moisture in the packaging enclosure and bind it permanently.

MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccants are a good anti-corrosion solution for short term storage and transportation. Prevention methods for short term storage or transportation must be effective for a certain time period and must have no influence on the use of product after the storage or transportation is complete. For long distance transportation consider using MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccants as a support. This type of transport would require very tight heat-sealed packaging but provides double protection with VCI and a dry environment.

For long term storage and transport solutions, CLIMAGEL Desiccants are more effective used with a barrier film. This combination of packaging is called CLIMA Packaging from MetPro. CLIMA packaging alters the atmosphere inside the package by adding desiccants (dehumidification) or VCI inhibitors (chemical passivation) so that no corrosion occurs. Our CLIMA packaging consists of barrier films and desiccants, which together eliminate moisture and prevent products from moulding and rusting. These packaging systems protect products from the effects of sun, rain, humidity, and salt water, as well as dust and dirt.

CLIMA packaging uses MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agents that can protect a wide range of materials that are moisture-sensitive and hygroscopic such as: machines, electronic or optical assemblies, pharmaceutical or chemical products, medical devices, leather goods, textiles, food-stuffs or military goods. These materials can protect a wide range of conditions such as corrosion, decay, dew moisture, moisture absorption, condensation, fungal attacks, potential electrolyte formation, etc.

The amount of CLIMAGEL Desiccants required for your packaging solution is calculated by using a number of factors; the admissible final humidity of the packaging, packaging volume, surface and the barrier effect of the packaging. Other factors include: the packaging goods and the time required for transport, handling and storage, depending on the climatic influences expected. It’s vitally important that the amount of desiccant is calculated according to time, location and all other factors related to of transportation. We’ll assist you with the calculation to ensure the correct amount is used for your application. 

MetPro Desiccants Tested and Approved Quality Standards

All of MetPro’s desiccants have been tested by accredited laboratories and produced in plants which have been certified to ISO Quality Standard ISO 9001.

We’re the experts in designing and supplying cost effective and efficient packaging to a wide range of industries for a wide range of applications. Contact us today for a free brochure, sample and consultation. Discover the way desiccants can work for you in your packaging world!



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