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Industrial Packaging From MetPro: Desiccant Barrier Systems That Work!

MetPro’s Moisture Control Barrier systems are proven corrosion protection processes that are used extensively by companies exporting machinery and for long-term storage.

MetPro’s Moisture Control Barrier Systems (CLIMA packaging) consist of barrier films and desiccants. Together they eliminate moisture and prevent products from molding and rusting. These packaging systems protect products from the effects of sun, rain, humidity and salt water, as well as dust and dirt!

We customize these solutions by calibrating the desiccant requirement to the duration of storage of the products and designing the packaging film to match product shape and size. This type of packaging is durable against impact, vibration and stacking pressure.

CLIMA packaging alters the atmosphere inside the package by the addition of desiccants (dehumidification) or VCI inhibitors (chemical passivation) so that no corrosion occurs. CLIMA packaging eliminates moisture from the equation by the use of desiccants.

The key considerations for sea freight packaging with desiccants are:

•    Calculate a sufficient amount of desiccant
•    Ensure that the desiccant is active
•    Ensure care is taken to avoid damage to the packaging material
•    Pack dry, clean and free of hand perspiration
•    Ensure that there is complete sealing of package
•    The desiccant should have unimpeded contact to the surrounding atmosphere

Tested & Desiccant Solutions That Work!

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