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Long Term & Short Term Anti-corrosion Solutions From MetPro

Are you seeing a rise in cost because of corrosion problems during transportation?

Do you want a high performance anti-corrosion solution?

Are you looking for a long term or short term solution?

No matter what issue you’re facing, MetPro has an answer to all of your problems. VCI packaging is an important anti-corrosion method that can be used for both short term and long term protection of products in storage and transportation.

MetPro’s anti-corrosion packaging products are very clean, environmentally friendly and safe, but they do require specific conditions to work effectively, including these:

•    Metal parts need to be clean and dry
•    Always use gloves when handling parts to prevent contamination
•    Packaging needs to be tight to ensure there is minimal loss of VCI during storage or transportation
•    Temperatures of packed products, all packaging materials and environment should be the same

Under these conditions, our VCI products will provide excellent anti-corrosion properties for your products!

How Do I Know Which Anti-Corrosion Solution is Right For Me? Consult With Our Experts!

MetPro has a wide range of anti-corrosion products which includes VCI Papers, VCI Film, VCI support products which are to be used in conjunction with MetPro’s VCI paper and film in order to deliver additional protection where required.
Our experts are on hand to provide the best advice and solutions for your packaging needs. Need us to develop a product tailored to your specific needs?  We can do that!

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