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Long Term Anti-Corrosion Protection With New VCI PowerCards

Do you need corrosion protection for sealed packages?

Are your current anti-corrosion methods failing?

Are you looking for a VCI solution with proven performance?

MetPro introduces a new robust, economical and highly effective VCI emitter in a convenient, “credit card” format.

With a high concentration of MetPro’s innovative Bio based VCI, this easy to use emitter is designed to provide long term multi-metal corrosion protection in transit and storage. Tests have concluded that one MetPro Bio based VCI PowerCard will give several years’ corrosion protection in sealed packages with a volume of up to 50 litres, given free circulation of the natural, protective volatiles around the packaged metal item.

About MetPro:

We’re dedicated to meeting industry standards and our anti-corrosion products and packaging solutions are developed in collaboration with customers to ensure adherence to both customer and industry specifications. We tailor solutions to the entire packaging and shipping processes of our customers.

MetPro, a Transilwrap Company, is an international industrial packaging company with locations around the globe. Specializing in anti-corrosion packaging including: VCI Film, Contract Packaging, VCI Paper, and Automotive Packaging, MetPro sets the standard for the packing industry. The PowerCard joins the growing family of MetPro Bio VCI film and paper products, which all benefit from significant advantages in performance and convenience. For more information please contact us at



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