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Metalworking Fluids Help Prevent Rust

Metalworking Fluid Product Range

Why supply cleaners (washing liquids) and preventive coatings?

95% of corrosion cases are caused by deposits from previous manufacturing processes – residues of washing liquids, metalworking fluids, dust, acid or base activators or passivators during different coating types or deposits of acid gases during the process.

MetPro Metalworking Fluid Cycle

Typical production cycle:


Incoming material > metal working fluid > washing liquid > VCI packaging > transportation > unpacking > corrosion observation


Customer’s always look for an issue in packaging (it was packed in VCI, so why should it be corroded?). However the real source happens before, usually in washing line, caused by poor maintenance, different materials being washed or simply by wrong choice of product.


Fluids used during the manufacturing process can be basically split into 3 main groups:

Metalworking Cleaning Protective (optional)


Washing Step
Rinsing Step

Protective Coatings


MetPro Metalworking Fluid

For each group we have a selected line of products, which are to be used for specific operation according the required parameters.  While protective liquids may be used optionally for rust prevention, cleaners like metalworking fluids should always be used.


MetPro Metalworking Fluids

In case of replacing the liquids in the production line to be compatible and increase the effect of the VCI film, it is recommended to start from backwards, as the main influence on corrosive environment has always the last treatment in the chain. Protective metalworking fluids can be also a part of multi chamber washing machines, where in first chamber(s) cleaner is used while during rinsing also protective coating for rust prevention is applied.


The maintenance of all liquids is the key to keep the risk of any corrosion potential as low as possible. This can be done in several ways from basic field checks with refractometer or simple corrosion test based on DIN 51360 (cast iron chip test) to laboratory testing of samples from machines.



During the production there is always a loss of the water based fluids, partly caused by drag-out (usually about 10%) and mainly by evaporation (usually about 90%). This evaporation however means all residues from previous processes or any contamination stays in, as only water evaporates. Simple pouring the missing water + adding the concentrate is systematically increasing the amount of contamination, therefore once in a while the whole machine must be cleaned and the content replaced with fresh mixture. This moment is based on many elements as experience, severity of production, contamination during the previous process etc. and should be always determined by specialist.


The complete solution of compatible liquids, high tech VCI liquids and high quality packaging gives them the best results in the corrosion protective world.

MetPro Metalworking Fluids


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