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Business Manager, Nanci Forster's Interview on the Latest Protective Industrial Packaging Innovations | Transcription

Q. What are two to three industry or management trends that have impacted your role as a manager?

A. There are many trends that we see in the industry at present. There’s greater pressure to make the dollar stretch further as companies try to optimize efficiencies and work with tighter budgets. We see a greater focus on staff health and safety by companies, which is important. There’s a greater demand for more products and tailored solutions to specific problems, and support from our R and D specialists on the development of better systems within companies. So, there are lots of changes, and what I like about MetPro is that the management team is committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers.


Q. What is the extent of research and development in your company?

A. We have a full-time lab in Tralee, Ireland. We have full-time chemists, scientists, and engineers who are constantly working on innovative industrial packaging solutions for our customers. We don’t try to fit our customers into our product-line; we look at their applications and work with them to develop new products that best fit their needs… to solve their problems.


Q. What has been the highlight of the company for this year so far?

A. The highlight of the year for MetPro Group has definitely been the merger with TransilWrap. TransilWrap is a manufacturer and converter of specialty film products, and is headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois. Both TransilWrap and MetPro have a strong commitment to investing in research and development to improve existing products, and to engineering customized, innovative solutions for our customers. TransilWrap has eight manufacturing facilities and nine distribution centers in North America, while MetPro has numerous sales, manufacturing, and converting sites in seven countries across four continents. With MetPro now under the TransilWrap umbrella, we have an even greater capacity to expand into new markets, to offer a wider range of products, and to support our global customer base more quickly. We will also be able to manufacture in more locations and to offer better R and D technical support. The partnership with TransilWrap is really an exciting new chapter for MetPro, and in the months ahead, our customers will see the benefits of the expanded product range and services.


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Q. MetPro Group is going to the PACK EXPO International in Chicago. What products are you highlighting at your booth? What do you hope participants will take away when they visit your booth?

A. We’re very excited about exhibiting at the Pack Expo! We have a large product range. We’re going to focus on two new and exciting products.

First, we have our WrapProHD line. WrapPro is an innovative alternative to traditional stretch film, developed for use on spiral wrapping machines. It’s up to 40 times stronger than regular stretch, allowing for a reduction in industrial packaging and cost by replacing the need for banding, boxes, and other protective packaging on long profiles. It can be used to protect aluminum or plastic extrusions, steel pipes, carpet rolls, aluminum siding… any long profile, really… decking, architectural molding, and so forth. It’s available in both VCI and non-VCI, so it can be used on a lot of products besides just metals. The really cool thing about that it’s fully printable; this gives our customers an important branding opportunity where they can get their logos on the product. WrapPro is also available in a woven poly option as well.

Then a second product we’re showcasing at the expo is our new bio-based VCI film. It offers very reliable corrosion protection on a wide range of metals and it smells like coconut. It has a tropical smell to it. It’s specifically blended with polyethylene resins to extrude a wide range of anti-corrosion films, and most importantly, it’s a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product, nitrite-free, food-certified, and automotive-certified. That means that it can be used to produce films on the same equipment that’s used to extrude food grade films.


Q. What do you hope participants will take away when they visit your booth?

A. When people see our WrapPro and our bio-based VCI, I know they’ll understand why we’re excited about these products, because they offer great opportunity and savings for our customers. We know our customers are under constant pressure to ensure goods are delivered in top-shape, and our two new products are just another reminder for our customers that we are constantly testing and evolving products to meet their needs. I also hope that people will take a sense of our commitment to collaboration with our customers to create complete cradle to grave solutions developed in house by our own chemists, scientists, and engineers.

That’s just one of the exciting things I like working about working at MetPro. We don’t spend our day trying to fit our customers into our product-line. We really do listen to our customers, understand their problems and challenges, and work hard to customize solutions for them. Our commitment to R and D means we will continue to offer new products to fit their ever-changing needs. I also hope that they will take away an understanding that although our employees and facilities are global, our teams are local. As a company, we operate as one family and bring that global network to our customers locally. It’s like that cliché; think global, act local. We have the benefit of a truly global network of experience and bring that right down to the local customer. We are committed to working closely together to provide best in-class, premium quality products, and exceptional customer-service. That’s our goal.

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