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Protection From the Start With Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking fluids

Did you know that 95% of corrosion cases are caused by deposits from the manufacturing process? Customers often look for an issue with the packaging. “It was packed in VCI, so why has it corroded?” However, the real source often occurs before the packaging process. Sometimes it’s in the washing line, where due to poor maintenance and techniques different materials are being washed together or because the wrong VCI product was used.

MetPro offers an extensive range of metalworking fluids that will suit any production process.

Metalworking fluids are used for:
•    Metal Removal (MRF’s) – milling, drilling & tapping, turning, grinding, etc.
•    Metal Forming (MFF’s) - Drawing, bending, stamping, pressing, casting, etc.

The main functions of the metal removal fluids include:
•    Cooling the chip-tool-workpiece interface/cut zone
•    Lubricating the chip-tool-workpiece interface/cut zone
•    Flushing chips and swarf from the tool-workpiece interface/cut zone
                                                                        •    Preventing flash corrosion

MetPro’s metalworking fluids are fully synthetic water lubricants that don’t contain oils.

Metalworking fluids

CorroWork©, Metalworking Fluids

MetPro’s CorroWork© Metalworking Fluids may be diluted in water with agitation; the products will not cream or form inverse emulsions as is the case with soluble oils. This range of liquids has been specifically designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals after forming, no need to oil or degrease.

Dilution: 2-10% depending on severity of operation and material being worked.

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