MetPro offers the most comprehensive industrial packaging solutions all under one roof!

Replicating Packaging Environments to Create Effective Corrosion Solutions

MetPro is aware that not all packaging products suit every process, and that’s why we have a dedicated Sales and Technical Team. We’ll review your end application and propose a suitable and effective custom packaging solution. We have years of experience in the packaging industry, supplying packaging to the automotive and steel industries. We pride ourselves on our products that ensure your unique packaging requirements can be met. 

We’re committed to providing superior quality metal packaging systems for the shipping and storage needs of our customers in automotive, steel, and industrial manufacturing industries. We have the capacity and ability to custom engineer products to address the ever-changing needs of our clients. 

Custom packaging solutions are a key ingredient in providing first class customer service, so our Technical Team is designated to custom built Research & Development Laboratories. In these laboratories, we can develop custom packaging solutions dependent on the end user’s manufacturing and packing process. We offer a wide variety of support to customers, such as site inspections, audits, lab testing, and monitoring of trial shipments.

Our R&D units carry out a wide range of testing methods and replicate packaging environments to effectively recreate the actual and most extreme shipping and storage conditions, and the protection solution, tested in advance of actual transportation. We can amend our testing methods to meet a customer’s specific requirements. We provide free corrosion testing to our customers so you can have confidence that our product will work the way it’s supposed to, every time. Check out our case studies to see our products in action.

Committed to High Quality Custom Packaging Solutions

Our customers’ packaging needs are of the utmost importance! We’ll continuously support you to ensure that we develop a suitable custom packaging solution for your requirements. We’re committed to supplying a high quality product – which may require some modification from the standard range – but we’ll ensure the technical ability of our products is not diminished. 

MetPro has the capacity and ability to customize and test products to address the changing needs of our clients. We strive to provide high quality products with a high-quality support system.

At MetPro, packaging is our business! Let us develop a custom packaging solution to fit your needs



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