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Customized Rust Removal Solutions Can Change Your Business!

It’s easier to prevent rust than to remove it once it starts!

Rust forms at different rates and is caused by the atmospheric oxidation of metals. The rate of rust is dependent on the relative humidity a metal part is exposed to and the risk of condensation as a result of temperature fluctuations.

As a business owner, you want to protect your investment and provide the best products imaginable! Customized rust removal solutions from MetPro can help you do just that! Our technical team has a wealth of experience in rust removal management and control.

You can finally start meeting your needs, and the needs of your customers by designing a customized solution for every product with MetPro’s scientists. The development of our best in class technology is possible because of the advanced technical knowledge, proven track record, and innovative approach.

Since 1997, MetPro has developed rust preventative products including a range of VCI films, papers, and liquids, including:

•    COROTEX ©
•    CLIMAfol ®
•    CoilWrap ©
•    ProfileWrap ©
•    CorroWork ©
•    CorroClean ©
•    CorroTect ©

Rust Removal Solutions For Every Application: Consult With Our Experts!

Our Corro range of liquids will provide optimum solutions for your needs. The 3-level fluid system of oil free and consequently water-soluble concentrates works with different processes and ensures safe rust removal during all stages of metal treatment – from processing through cleaning and storage, covering the entire operation. All products work synergistically, enhancing corrosion prevention from initial processing to final VCI packaging.

Want to save time and frustration? Imagine faster production allowing you to spend more time developing your business then worrying about corrosion. How much more profitable would your business be?  

Take The First Step: Get Started Now!

MetPro offers custom designs for your products, no matter what kind of protection you need! We’ll be more than happy to work with you and figure out the best protection for your products. Contact us today for a brochure of packaging solutions we can offer you by filling out our form, or give us a call at 517-586-0011.



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