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Effective Rust Remover - Bring Metals Back to Shine!

Do you need a simple, safe and fast rust remover solution?

Are you having a hard time finding a solution that’s environmentally friendly?

Are you looking for a cost-effective rust remover solution that will save you time and money? 

MetPro CorroMove® VCI rust remover wipes were first developed for the retail market to remove light surface rust from household items such as tool boxes, bicycles, kitchen knives, fishing kits, and items in your garage. MetPro CorroMove® VCI rust remover wipes are now also available for ferrous metals in the industry.

MetPro CorroMove® VCI rust remover wipes are designed to clean and offer corrosion protection to machinery, parts and components. They’re effective in removing oil, grease, dirt and light surface corrosion. 

How do they work?

MetPro CorroMove® VCI rust remover wipes leave behind a corrosion preventative layer ensuring that metal surfaces are preserved and ready for storage, transit or operation. MetPro CorroMove® VCI rust remover wipes are ideal for a range of uses and are suitable for both industrial and commercial applications. They’re capable of cleaning tools, office equipment, spare parts, machinery, and components while removal of light surface rust and corrosion protection is also assured. 

Ideal Cleaning System to Preserve All Metal Parts

The features and benefits of MetPro CorroMove® VCI rust remover wipes offer an ideal cleaning system where metal parts or assemblies are involved.

  • Removes light surface rust, arrests the rusting process, and maintains parts.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors that will leave your parts rust free for months.
  • Utilizes non-lint cloths and user friendly packets to ensure a tough and durable cleaning system.
  • Safe to use and environmental friendly.
  • Cost effective and reduces the need for multiple cleaning and protection systems.
  • Reduces inventory and increases productivity.
  • Eliminates handling of flammable and hazardous liquid solvents. 

MetPro CorroMove® VCI rust remover wipes is also available in a concentrated liquid form for deeper rust and industrial use. It’s capable of removing rust from cast iron, steel and other ferrous metals without damaging the surface. It’s also harmless to non-ferrous metals like aluminum or copper, and non-metals like plastic and rubber. 

Tested & Proven Rust Remover That Works!

With over 70 years of experience in the field, our approach to customer satisfaction is achieved by clearly understanding your needs, so that we can offer the most suitable and cost-effective solution to you! Imagine having more protection to make sure your product stays safe, lasts longer, and makes it to your customer in the right condition.

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