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Are you having a hard time protecting your steel coils?

Is your current anti-corrosion solution failing to meet your needs and the needs of your customers?

Are you looking for a custom packaging solution that fits your needs?

We can do that! We’re the experts when it comes to all things packaging. MetPro has been developing Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Packaging solutions since 1997 allowing us to provide anti-corrosion packaging solutions to various industries like the automotive and construction sectors. 

Our customer, Tata Steel, encountered a problem with rolled coils of steel. The problem was occurring within their process chain, interim corrosion was occurring while being stored in warehouses prior to further conversion and packing. To try and protect the coils, they were covering the steel with lengths of clear plastic.

When individual coils were selected for further processing and packing they had to be uncovered which was both time and labor intensive. 

We were asked if we could come up with a quick and easy solution to protect the individual coils.

We made the following considerations –

  • Ease of use.
  • Manning level to apply product.
  • How the product would be applied.
  • How the product would be delivered and stored.
  • Coil dimensions.
  • Thickness of film.
  • Type of sealing system (if any).
  • Color / Opacity of film.
  • Level of anti-corrosion required – would the film be impregnated with film or would a higher level be required through surface coating the film?
  • Could the proposed product be re-used?

Proposals / Options

For us to know what was involved, we first needed to confirm the actual coils that needed protecting. We sent out a coil drawing to the customer to confirm this.

We then began looking at options including – 

1.    Cloth tape drawstring

2.    Rope style drawstring

3.    Plain bag that can be secured on the base with pallet wrap

Finished Product

Following extensive trials, the customer went with option 3 – the heavier gauge clear film (to enable packers to see product labels attached to the steel coils) impregnated with MetPro’s BioCor VCI. These bags are supplied in reel form / perforated to assist in unwinding the bags and ease of use.

Additional Selling Points – Roll Dispenser

To assist the customer further, we also sourced two different versions of a roll dispenser, a single roll dispenser and a multiple roll dispenser. These dispensers can be loaded with the rolls of bags either with a single roll or multiple rolls in various sizes. This allows you to dispense the bags easily and also keeps your packing area cleaner and clutter-free. Having a dispenser allows you to move from one work station to another easily.

The customer chose the 2nd multiple roll dispenser to enable various packaging mediums all in one place. You may save up to 2% of the total product value by minimizing the waste of ferrous products.

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We’re dedicated to meeting industry standards and the standards of our customers. Our anti-corrosion products and custom packaging solutions are developed in collaboration with our customers to ensure conformance to both customer and industry specifications. 

MetPro, a Transcendia Company, is an international industrial packaging company with locations around the globe. Specializing in anti-corrosion packaging including: VCI Film, Contract Packaging, VCI Paper, and Automotive Packaging. MetPro sets the standard for the packaging industry! At MetPro, packaging is our business, it is what we do. Let us develop a custom packaging solution for you! 



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