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Are you losing profits because your products are rusting?

Looking into a better anti-corrosion solution?

Want to improve your production process and reduce costs?

With MetPro anti-corrosion products you can never go wrong. We offer a wide variety of packaging materials, including our extensive range of coated and laminated papers, crepes and boards, as well as, other VCI packaging solutions.

MetPro has been developing Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Packaging solutions since 1997 allowing us to provide anti-corrosion packaging solutions to various industries like the automotive and construction sectors. VCIs are compounds that can be incorporated into a number of different substrates in order to produce an effective rust preventive VCI packaging product.  

Here at MetPro, our approach to customer satisfaction is achieved by clearly understanding your needs. That way, we can offer you the most suitable and cost-effective solutions!

We’re very proud of the extensive range of VCI Packaging products we offer, including: 

  • VCI Films (Mono and co-ex PE films, cast and blown stretch films, shrink, bubble etc)
  • VCI Masterbatches (amine and nitrite free and comes in various colours)
  • VCI Papers (printed and non-printed, flat sheet, rolls, crepe, PE-coated)
  • VCI Liquids (rust preventatives, cleaners for low and high pressure applications, metal working fluids)
  • VCI Weave
  • VCI Foam (different sizes)
  • VCI Sachets
  • VCI Correx board 
  • VCI Tablets
  • VCI Emitters
  • VCI Power cards and more…

Our VCI Packaging product range ensures that our customer can achieve all their anti-corrosion packaging needs from one source – MetPro!

VCI Film:

MetPro’s VCI Films provide effective corrosion protection to a wide range of metals. VCI film protects metal parts through direct contact and vapor action. Anti-corrosion chemicals volatilize into the surrounding enclosed areas; the released vapor deposits on the surface of the metal, forming a protective layer. Our VCI Films are clean and easy to use and are suitable for both automatic and manual packing. Once your metals are unpacked, they won’t require additional cleaning or degreasing. They will be ready for immediate use! 

MetPro’s VCI Film is manufactured in compliance with a multitude of industry standards. Our VCI corrosion inhibitor films are available in a range of sizes and formats:

  • Single wound sheeting
  • Tubing
  • Center fold sheeting
  • Flat and gusseted bags
  • Case liner and covers
  • Elasticated bags
  • Lock-tip-bag/zipper bag

Our VCI film can be customized to a customer’s branding by printing in a specific color or matching the color of the film to specific requirements.

VCI Masterbatch:

MetPro manufactures a comprehensive range of additive masterbatches that are a chemical concentrate in pellet form. These pellets can be blended with many polymer resins such as LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE to produce a wide variety of VCI film products depending on your end application. 

When the VCI Masterbatch is blended with a polymer, the finished VCI Film product offers corrosion protection by releasing vapors that form a mono-molecular protective layer on the surface of the metal. This protective layer remains until your package is opened and starts to evaporate, leaving a metal surface that requires no cleaning. 

VCI Masterbatch products can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes like injection molding, stretch/skin film, blown/cast film extraction.

Compatibility and anti-corrosion testing is carried out by MetPro’s technical team. We’ll ensure that additional materials used in the extrusion process such as polymer, chalks, colors and other additives are compatible with MetPro’s VCI masterbatch and won’t have an adverse effect on the anti-corrosion properties of the VCI masterbatch. 

Masterbatch has the following features:

  • Multi-metallic capabilities
  • Amine free
  • Nitrite free
  • Approved for direct contact with food.

VCI Paper:

Our VCI paper comes in a wide range of weights and formats depending on the application that’s required: Kraft Paper, PE Kraft paper, Wax Paper, Barrier Paper, Crepe, Corrugated, 1 side protection or 2 side’s protection.

VCI Paper provides superior corrosion protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. MetPro’s VCI paper can be used to wrap metal parts or can be used as interleaves. Our VCI Paper provides effective dry long-term protection. We provide a comprehensive range of papers that incorporate special chemical technology that specifically suits the metals you need protected.

VCI Liquids:

MetPro has formulated an extensive range of VCI Liquids that are utilized in a wide variety of applications. Two main applications for VCI liquids are for VCI paper coating and metalworking fluids. 

Our VCI liquid products are a full range of oil-free and water-soluble concentrates that offer complete protection at all levels of metal treatment – from processing to cleaning and ultimately to storage. These include Synthe Range® for protection during metalworking (drilling, forming, milling, and grinding), CorroClean® (water-soluble cleaners) for washing, and CorroTect® for protection during storage. 

VCI Weave:

MetPro’s VCI weave consists of a polyolefin woven fabric coated with a VCI solution designed to save money and time. Woven CoilWrap® is a woven PE fabric used where extra strength and tear resistance is required to package large steel coils. This new and innovative woven film provides vapor corrosion protection to a wide variety of metal products including: steel strip, black plate, drum stock, galvanized, rods, tubes and aluminum plate and profiles. 

VCI Support Products                         

As part of our VCI product range, we also supply a host of VCI support products. Our VCI support products include: foams, board, sachets, tablets, power cards, correx boards and emitters used with our other packaging products. 

VCI Foam:

VCI Foams are water based and are ideal for packing expensive and delicate electronic equipment safely. The key unique feature of VCI foam is the ability to contain a high volume of the vapour phase and contact corrosion inhibitors, providing over 10 times more anti-corrosion protection than the standard VCI Paper and Film products.

VCI Board:

Our anti-corrosion board can be used as a support product with a VCI Film or as a standalone product in a normal polyethylene bag. VCI boards contain a high volume of VCI making it ideal for the long-term protection of metal parts during storage and transport. Our VCI board can be supplied in two colors and a wide variety of sizes, with custom print options, if required.

VCI Sachets:

VCI Sachets are versatile and easy to apply with their rust prevention properties. These sachets protect a wide range of metals like mild steel, aluminum, copper and zinc. They’re available in sizes of 1, 5 and 10 grams.

VCI Correx Boards:

VCI Correx boards are tough, durable and have good impact resistant capabilities. These VCI Correx boards are suitable as interleaves during packaging either for transport, storage or both! They’re available in a range of different options to suit your specific needs.

VCI Tablets:

VCI Tablets are formed from VCI powder and are an efficient and dry method of offering ferrous and non-ferrous metals anti-corrosion protection. They’re ideal for protecting electrical boxes and cabinets.

VCI Emitters:

VCI Emitters are a combination of an impregnated board inside an easy to install plastic holder. Often, VCI emitters are used in electrical boxes and control panels because they’re cost-effective.

VCI Power Cards:

MetPro BioCor® VCI-Power Cards are based on a new generation of VCI that combines better corrosion protection with the highest level of responsibility for occupational health. The vapour corrosion inhibitors integrated into the VCI-Power Cards consist entirely of natural extracts redefining toxicological safety in the field of VCI. The phenomenal performance means less material which meets recycling criteria and optimization of resources.

At our technical centre based in Ireland, we have the facility to test your VCI packaging models according to various methods such as:

  • 24 hour VIA Test
  • Accelerated climactic test
  • Blade test
  • Other well accredited anti-corrosion test methods.

Take The First Step: Get Started Now! 

MetPro has a dedicated Research & Development team that keeps up to date with the ever changing market trends and legislation requirements. We’ll be more than happy to work with you and figure out the best protection for your products. Contact us today for a brochure and samples of our VCI packaging range by filling out our form, or give us a call at 517-586-0011.



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