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MetPro’s Cost Effective and Efficient Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking Fluids

Are you looking for a liquid that’s safe and efficient to use in your production process? Are you looking for a liquid that offers long term protection during storage? Are you looking for a liquid that complies with all statutory and regulatory health and safety standards? If you answered, “Yes” to the previous questions, contact MetPro today to obtain information on our complete range of Metalworking Fluids that will provide complete protection for all levels of metal treatment. 

We design and manufacture a wide range of Metalworking fluids depending on the process and application. MetPro has an experienced and dedicated R&D Team that has developed a wide range of metalworking fluids that’s not only safe for your workers but is also environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-hazardous.

Our Metalworking fluids are used globally in the metal industry and have proven their effectiveness. Our Corro Range of Metalworking Fluids and VCI protective liquids are considered green and can be used all the way from manufacturing right through to storage!

MetPro’s Metalworking Fluids provide many benefits to a manufacturing process:

  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Rust Prevention
  • Protection and Maintenance of tools and machines
  • Cost savings
  • Easy application and removal


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MetPro has such an extensive range of Metalworking Fluids that we’re confident that we have the most cost effective and efficient solution for you! Contact us today to discover the way our Metalworking Fluids can work for you in your industry. We guarantee that our Metalworking Fluids will ensure that your products will arrive at their intended destination corrosion and rust free. Contact us today for a free brochure, sample and consultation.

Protective Coatings

CorroTect 56

CorroTect 56 combines VCI and contact corrosion inhibitors in a water-based solution which makes it safer and more ecologically friendly than oils and greases. How is this possible? CorroTect 56 is diluted in water, has a unique characteristic of leaving a thin protective coating that dries quickly and usually doesn’t need to be removed before painting and other surface treatments.

Dilution: 10 – 12% in tap water, starting with 10% as a trial.

CorroTect OAM

CorroTect OAM is an oil additive for VCI protection for internal spaces like gearboxes, axles, oil and fuel tanks. Instead of transportation with oil or fuel, you can add OAM and decrease the amount of filling from the typical 70% to 5 - 10% only. It has a multi-metal protection ability which includes all yellow metals.

Dilution rate: 5% of neat product as supplied in oil base, as requested by the customer. Then use this diluted product at 5% - 10% of the volume for the article that needs protection.

CorroTect WS

CorroTect WS is a coating that creates a thin plastic film on the surface of the metal that it’s protecting. It dries to a thin film coating that’s between 3 – 5 microns, creating an excellent barrier for the external environment containing contact and vapor inhibitors to protect the treated surface. The film can be physically removed and washed with a water based cleaner or just water.

Dilution: This depends on thickness of the requested layer.

Below is a summary of MetPro’s Metalworking Fluids and their Applications:

Liquid Application Mixing Ratio Effect
CorroClean LP Immersion Cleaning 3-5% Clean surfaces, removes oils and previously applied liquids, middle corrosion protection
CorroClean PSW High-pressure Cleaning 3-5% Clean surfaces, removes oils and previously applied liquids, middle corrosion protection
CorroTect 56 Long-Term Protection 10-12% Protects the surface from corrosion, forms a thin film on the surface with further processing can be left on surface (welding, painting).
CorroTect OAM Long-Term Protection 5% typically Protects the internal spaces such as gear boxes or fuel tanks.
CorroTect WS Long-Term Protection Usually neat Ideal replacement coating for highly polished steel coils.
SyntheCool GF Grinding 2-3% Cools the cutting, lubrication, washing the chips, short-term corrosion protection.

Washing/Cleaning Liquids

CorroClean LP

CorroClean LP is best when it’s applied using conventional spray equipment, but it can also be used as a dip. This liquid can be used to clean metal parts or equipment while also giving highly effective corrosion protection.

Dilution: 3 – 5 % in tap water, depending on the surface condition before cleaning. 

A higher % for cleaning is possible if rinsing is involved (Rinsing should be done with low %).

CorroClean PSW

CorroClean PSW’s main application is used in high pressure systems because of its non-foaming characteristic. It has excellent cleaning properties and should always be used with our CorroTect range products and VCI protective packaging.

Dilution: 3 – 5 % in tap water, depending on the surface condition before cleaning. 

A higher % for cleaning is possible if rinsing is involved (Rinsing should be done with low %).

The main advantages of using MetPro’s CorroClean products:

  • No longer need to oil or grease components
  • Free of hazardous contents, such as sodium hydroxide
  • Application by spraying systems and immersion baths
  • Application by brush, as well as, by a roller
  • Long term corrosion protection if parts are properly stored after cleaning

Metalworking Fluids

SyntheCool GF

SyntheCool GF is a metalworking fluid that can be utilized wherever there’s a need for a highly effective grinding lubricant for metal parts. SyntheCool GF can be used at high dilutions in water resulting in excellent cooling, improved visibility of the work piece and rapid settling of fines with excellent cost effectiveness.

Dilution: 2 – 5 % depending on roughness of grinding. Our suggested starting point is 3%.

SyntheCut FS

SyntheCut FS can be diluted in water with agitation. This metalworking fluid will not form a cream or inverse emulsion even with soluble oils. SyntheCut FS was specifically designed to protect ferrous and aluminium metals after the forming process, so there’s no need to oil or degrease.

Dilution: 3-10% depending on severity of operation and the material being worked.  



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