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Custom Packaging Solutions

Are you constantly having problems with your products arriving at their destinations damaged, wet or corroded? Can’t find suitable packaging that meets your requirements? Do you have too many packaging consumables in your warehouse? Do you want a packaging product that will display your company branding? If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, then it may be time to contact MetPro for a custom packaging solution!


We’re your experts when it comes to packaging! With decades of experience in the packaging world, we guarantee we’ll meet your requirements and surpass your expectations! Whatever you want to package and protect, we can ensure that your products will be protected in high quality and cost effective packaging.


Our Technical and Sales team experts are available to offer advice and support to ensure the best packaging solution; method and materials are selected for your specific application. Not every application is the same, so that’s why we made sure our products can be modified to ensure the best custom packaging solution whether you’re focused on improving your anti-corrosion protection, damage protection, or slippage protection.


What is Unique About Our Custom Packaging Solution Service? 


We have the ability to conduct tests in our technical labs on the products that need a customized solution! We take pride in our anti-corrosion testing facilities capabilities. They carry out tests according to recognized international standards in controlled environments, replicating the environments that products will be subjected to, such as extreme shipping and storage conditions. You can send us your product that requires protecting and we can carry out required tests to find the best custom packaging solution for you. If our current product range does not fulfil your packaging protection needs, we’ll make any modifications that are needed. There’s virtually no packaging problem that we cannot solve!


We have a wide range of packaging solutions; it’s why MetPro is so successful and has taken the packaging world by storm! We’ve developed the first VCI from nature. It’s so safe that it’s the perfect addition to almost any protective packaging product.


These products can be customized as required to ensure the best packaging solution is created to fit your packaging needs. Whatever packaging is required, we’ll supply the right custom solution!


Need a Custom Packaging Solution? Call Our Technical Support & Sales Team Today to Get Started!

At MetPro, we’re proud that we can supply high quality products with a high quality support system. We’re dedicated to providing support to our customers to ensure the correct custom packaging solution is developed for their packaging requirements. Whenever modifications are required from the standard range, we guarantee that the technical capability of our products will not be affected. We have resources and expertise available to modify products with the ability to react to the ever changing needs of our customers. At MetPro, packaging is our business! It’s what we do; let us develop a custom packaging solution for you. Contact us today!


Compound Foil Corrosion Inhibitor

MetPro has a compound foil product that can be customized to provide the best corrosion inhibitor solution, which can last up to ten years! Our compound foil packaging can be supplied in a variety of formats. The suitable format is dependent on the items that require protection and the environment in which they’re being stored or transported. Our compound foil custom packaging solution can consist of a combination of the following depending on the materials and environment:

  • Desiccants
  • Continuous sealing appliances and hand-held sealing pliers
  • Fabric inserts
  • Special rubber seals
  • Humidity indicators


For more information on our Compound Foil products please go to:



Coilwrap can be supplied in a number of various specifications. Alurap is a high strength PE film utilized to protect aluminium profiles and extrusion.  Our Alurap is up to six times stronger than the standard stretch film. It can be supplied in different formats, colors, and prints with or without VCI.


Rapweave is a weave material which is used to provide extra tear and strength resistance. It’s mainly utilized for packaging large Strip Steel Coils.  Rapweave can be supplied in different formats, colors, and prints with or without VCI. Depending on your packaging requirements, we can design a custom packaging coilwrap solution specifically for you. We can guarantee you’ll save money on packaging compared to the wrap you’re currently using. Your packing time will also decrease resulting in more availability for your workers to perform other job duties. 


For more information on our CoilWrap products please go to:

Metalworking Fluids

MetPro has an extensive range of metalworking fluids that can be customized based on your process and end application. Our metalworking fluids are so versatile – they can be used from manufacturing right through to storage!  Our metalworking fluid range consists of washing/cleaning liquids and protective coatings.


For more information on our Metalworking Fluid products please go to:


VCI Paper

MetPro has a manufacturing facility to produce VCI Paper in a wide variety of formats and prints. Our VCI Paper can protect a wide variety of metals such as steel, aluminium, copper, galvanised, zinc, etc. MetPro’s VCI paper is safe to use and is 100% recyclable. This VCI Paper is also TRGS 615 and TRGS 900 compliant.


For more information on our VCI Paper products please go to:


VCI Film

We’re a key supplier of VCI film to the automotive and steel industries. Our R&D Team have developed BioTect, the first corrosion protection VCI from nature, which is the key ingredient in our high quality VCI Film. MetPro’s VCI Film product BioTect has a number of key characteristics – it’s amine free, food safe and automotive certified. BioTect VCI Film can be supplied in a wide variety of formats, thicknesses, prints, and colors depending on your end application. MetPro’s VCI Films are also TRGS 615 and TRGS 900 compliant. 


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