MetPro offers the most comprehensive industrial packaging solutions all under one roof!

Custom Packaging Solutions to Meet your Needs!

Are you looking for a packaging company with a wide range of applications to fit your manufacturing needs?

Are you looking for a packaging company that can adapt their products to fit your unique process?

Do you want to work with a packaging company that can accommodate your needs all under one roof?

We’re your solution! MetPro manufactures and distributes high quality packaging products to a wide range of industries worldwide. Due to our extensive experience in the packaging industry, we’re aware that not all packaging products will meet the requirements of every process. At MetPro, we can adapt our packaging products to suit your requirements.

Our experienced Technical Team can develop custom packaging solutions dependent on the customer’s packaging process. Site inspections, audits, lab testing, and trial shipments are just some of the technical support services that we offer to our customers. We supply high quality products with a high quality support system.

Because we acknowledge that custom packaging solutions are a key ingredient in providing first class customer service, we’ve designated Research and Development units worldwide to modify our existing products or develop new products to meet virtually any customer’s packaging needs.

The services we provide allow you to rest easy! Our Research and Development units can carry out a wide range of testing methods and replicate packaging environments, which allows us to effectively recreate the most extreme shipping and storage conditions, with your protection solutions tested in advance of actual transportation. We can amend our testing methods to meet your specific requirements. We also provide free corrosion testing to our customers, so you can have confidence that our packaging will truly protect your product from corrosion.

Want to learn more about the testing our Research and Development team does on a daily basis? We’ve published case studies of some of the corrosion tests we’ve conducted on various meals and products.

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Custom Packaging Solutions: Packaging to Fit Your Manufacturing and Storage Needs!

MetPro is dedicated to meeting our customer’s packaging needs to ensure that their products are protected from the elements that can cause damage and deterioration. MetPro has in-house Technical experts who can match or design customers’ requirements to the proper custom packaging solution. MetPro will work with you from enquiry to order stage to ensure that the right custom packaging solution is chosen or created for your packaging needs. MetPro also offers after-service corrosion testing and monitoring as part of our on-going customer service.

Clima Packaging

Metpro’s CLIMA packaging alters the atmosphere inside the package by the addition of desiccants (dehumidification) or corrosion inhibitors (chemical passivation) so that no corrosion occurs. Depending on the items that require protection and the environment in which they’re being stored or transported in, MetPro’s CLIMA packaging range can offer custom packaging solutions. MetPro’s CLIMA packaging can be supplied in a variety of formats:

  • Box Liners Container Liners
  • CLIMAtainer (container inlays)
  • Covers with and without base
  • Covers with sealed bottoms
  • Inlays for Octabins (with and without discharge parts)
  • Rolls and tubes
  • Seamed covers
  • Side gusseted bags
  • With inspection window for customs checks or desiccant control.

CLIMA Packaging can be used to protect the following:

  • Electrical equipment and appliances
  • Equipment
  • Food and confectionary
  • High voltage switches
  • Machines
  • Most industrial goods
  • Optical equipment
  • Pharmaceutical/chemical/hygroscopic products
  • Products which are prone to oxidation
  • Sensitive semi-finished products such as castings, wire, sheet metal

Additions to the CLIMA packaging depending on the custom packaging solution include:

  • Continuous sealing appliances and hand-held sealing pliers
  • Desiccants
  • Fabric inserts
  • Humidity indicators
  • Special rubber seals


MetPro is a key supplier to the steel industry of various packaging products, the main one being Coilwrap. Our Coilwrap products can be supplied in various colors, thicknesses, VCI, Non VCI, Prints, AutoWrap, HandWrap, Right hand side configuration, Left hand configuration, etc.

MetPro’s Coliwrap product can be used to protect the following:

  • Aluminum Architectural Extrusions
  • Aluminum Coils, Plate and Profiles
  • Aluminum Sheet and Plates
  • Black Plate Drumstock Steel
  • Color Coated Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Hard and Soft Alloy Extrusions
  • Long Products
  • Lumber Industry - wrapping lengths of timber or coving
  • PVC Profiles, plastic pipe/tubing
  • Steel strip, tubes and profiles
  • Tinplate coils and sheets
  • Wire Rod Coils

MetPro can design a custom packaging solution that will meet your steel packaging needs. Whether you’re in need a custom packaging solution that’s cost effective, gives a reduction in packing time, provides superior puncture and tear resistance, is 100% recyclable or even 100% antistatic, we have a solution for you!

Metalworking Fluids

MetPro has an extensive range of Metalworking fluids that can be used in various processes from manufacturing right through to storage. We acknowledge that not every manufacturing or packaging process is the same. MetPro will review your manufacturing and packaging process to determine the various parameters that can affect the corrosion protection of the metals involved. We’ll develop a custom packaging solution that will suit your process and ensure that your requirements are met in a cost effective manner.

MetPro’s current metalworking fluid range consists of the following categories:
1.     Metalworking Fluids

  • SyntheCut FS
  • SytheCut FS-AL
  • Synthe Cool GF

2.    Washing/Cleaning Liquids

  • CorroClean LP
  • CorroClean PSW

3.    Protective Coatings

  • CorroTect 56
  • CorroTect 5HC
  • CorroTect OAM
  • CorroTect WS
  • CorroTect HT

Contact us for a free assessment of your process! We’ll send you a brochure and samples at your request.

VCI Film

MetPro prides itself on the fact that we’ve developed the first corrosion protection developed from nature! The VCI Additive used to make our VCI Film product range BioTect, is amine free, food safe and automotive certified.  

MetPro’s BioTect VCI Film is again available in different formats, thicknesses, prints, and colors, including:

  • Flat Bags
  • Gusseted Bags
  • Case Liners
  • Case Covers
  • Single wound sheeting
  • Centre fold sheeting
  • Tubing
  • Elasticated bags
  • Bubble Film
  • Zipper Bags

A number of features can be added to the design of the VCI Film in order to provide the custom packaging solution that meets a specific customer’s needs:

  • ESD design with antistatic agent
  • Individually cut bags or
  • Bags perforated on a roll
  • Individually cut sheets
  • Sheets perforated on a roll
  • Custom designs and prints
  • Natural colour or tinted colour

VCI Paper

MetPro currently manufactures a wide range of VCI anti-corrosion paper products. Depending on a customer’s packaging needs the paper can be a specific color, weight, composition, print, anti-corrosion solution. Whatever packaging solution may be required, MetPro can provide that custom packaging solution!

The paper can be of various formats:

  • Rolls
  • Jumbo Rolls
  • Sheets; bulk packed, packed in parcels
  • Creped Paper
  • Polyethylene coated paper
  • Barrier Paper
  • Wax Paper

We supply VCI Paper which can protect a wide range of metals

  • Ferrous
  • Nickel
  • Chrome
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Tin
  • Zinc
  • Galvanised

MetPro’s VCI Paper product range is a reliable source of anti-corrosion protection which is safe to use and recycle. If for some reason, our current product range will not meet a customer’s packaging requirements, then we can provide the technical expertise and support to develop a custom packaging solution. We can formulate a new anti-corrosion additive, carry out coating trials at our Manufacturing facility, carry out extensive anti-corrosion testing at our Technical laboratories, and organise and monitor trial packaging shipments to ensure that the customer gets the solution that meets their packaging needs.



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