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Environmentally Friendly Desiccant Technology From MetPro!

Are your products sensitive to moisture?

Do you need tight sealed packaging that is sure to prevent fresh air access?

Are you looking for a short term or long term rust prevention solution during storage and transportation?

We have a solution to fit your needs no matter what, because we customize them! MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agents are proven drying agents that were introduced to the market decades ago! Our desiccants offer reliable corrosion protection, reducing the moisture transmission rate significantly.

MetPro Desiccant Protection with a Difference!

At MetPro we recognize the complexity and challenges that customers face every day in the packaging and transportation of their products and parts. It can be an expensive and time consuming business. You can benefit from significant savings of time and money when the right VCI packaging materials and processes are used and when parts arrive at their destination ready to use immediately!

MetPro offers a wide variety of products and can tailor solutions to your specific needs. Contact us today for a brochure of packaging solutions we can offer you by filling out our form, or give us a call at 517-586-0011.

Best Option For Long Term Storage? Moisture Control Barrier Systems!

MetPro’s Moisture Control Barrier systems are proven corrosion protection processes that are used extensively by companies exporting machinery and for long-term storage.

MetPro’s Moisture Control Barrier Systems (CLIMA packaging) consist of barrier films and desiccants, which together eliminate moisture and prevent products from molding and rusting. These packaging systems protect products from the effects of sun, rain, humidity and salt water, as well as dust and dirt.

MetPro customizes these solutions by calibrating the desiccant requirement to the duration of storage of the products and designing the packaging film to match product shape and size. This type of packaging is durable against impact, vibration and stacking pressure.

CLIMA packaging alters the atmosphere inside the package by the addition of desiccants (dehumidification) or VCI inhibitors (chemical passivation) so that no corrosion occurs. CLIMA packaging eliminates moisture from the equation with desiccants.

The key considerations for sea freight packaging with desiccants are:

  • Calculate a correct amount of desiccant
  • Ensure that the desiccant is active
  • Ensure care is taken to avoid damage to the packaging material
  • Pack dry, clean and free of hand perspiration
  • Ensure that there is complete sealing of package
  • The desiccant should have unimpeded contact with the surrounding atmosphere

Desiccants are supplied in fleece bags with desiccant units of 1/6 to 32, with or without fastening straps, in cartons or euro pallet containers. Custom sizes, small units or special ready-made forms of supply are available on customer request. MetPro’s CLIMAGEL desiccant drying agents are certified in accordance with DINCertco.

Long Term Packaging Storage & Transport Solutions

For long term packaging solutions, MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agents can create a stable climatic atmosphere with a desired air humidity of up to below 5% relative humidity. In order to achieve this, MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agents are used in connection with barrier packaging, preferably with MetPro CLIMA Packaging, in hermetically sealed environments. The amount of the required MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agent that’s needed is calculated from the allowable final humidity of the packaging, the packaging volume, the surface and the barrier effect of the packaging, as well as from the packaging goods and the time required for their transport, handling and storage, depending on the climatic influences expected. It goes without saying that we’ll gladly calculate the required amounts for your specific application.

Barrier packaging with MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agents protect all moisture-sensitive and hygroscopic packaging goods such as: machines, electronic or optical assemblies, pharmaceutical or chemical products, medical devices, leather goods, textiles, food-stuffs or military goods against decay, corrosion, fungal attacks, dew moisture, moisture absorption, condensation and potential electrolyte formation.

Cast iron and galvanized steel are basic materials in automotive industry. While cast iron is mostly used in engine parts and crankshafts or brake systems, galvanized steel is typical for body parts.

Both of these materials are very sensitive to moisture in liquid state, therefore very tight packaging is usually required. Try to avoid thicknesses of film below 80 um and ensure that the packaging design is tightly sealed with no fresh air access.

For long distance transportation (across the equator, for example), you might consider usage of MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant. That would require very tight heat-sealed packaging, but would provide double protection with both VCI and a protected, dry environment.

VCI films have been used in combination with MetPro CLIMAGEL desiccants and wooden boxes. Due to high humidity, packaging has to be extremely tightly closed and then MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccants can work with maximum effectiveness.

For long term storage and transport solutions, MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccants are better used in conjunction with a barrier film. MetPro’s Clima packaging eliminates moisture from the equation by the use of desiccants. MetPro’s Moisture Clima packaging offers a number of advantages and benefits:

  • Greatly reduces the moisture transmission rate <0.01g/sqm/24hr
  • Offers Protection from the climate effects of sun, rain, humidity, salt water as well as dust and dirt
  • The most reliable corrosion protection process used extensively by companies exporting machinery
  • Long term corrosion protection solution – up to ten years!
  • The desiccant requirement can be calculated based on the duration of your products in storage
  • This low cost solution can be applied to your high end products
  • Simple handling
  • This light weight packaging is easily disposed of after use
  • The packaging is hard wearing against impact, vibration and stacking pressure
  • Your products are residue free after packaging is removed
  • We can design your bag to suit your product packaging requirements
  • Your product is still recognizable inside the high quality packaging

MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccants are a very good rust prevention method when used correctly with either aluminium heat sealed bags or very dense polymer based materials. Its disadvantage is absolute humidity and fragility. While they absorb moisture well, they are very sensitive to leaks. Any damage to barrier film will destroy the protection of a whole unit, which is why it is strongly recommended to pack all units in wooden boxes. The amount of desiccant has to be calculated according to the duration, location, and conditions of transportation.

Short Term Packaging Storage & Transport Solutions

Prevention methods for short time storage or transportation have to be effective for certain time period and have to have no influence on the use of product after the storage or transportation finishes.

How Does It Work?

MetPro CLIMAGEL is based on natural, environmentally friendly and inert desiccant clay offering a very high humidity adsorptive binding capacity. Our CLIMAGEL Desiccants extract the humidity of the surrounding air and binds it permanently. There are no special hazards arising from this product.



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