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Industrial Packaging

Is a one stop shop for all of your industrial packaging needs ideal for you?

Do you want packaging that will protect your products during each stage of manufacturing, including storage and transport?

Are you having a hard time finding a product that meets your requirements?

MetPro’s industrial packaging range can provide protection against corrosion, dust, slippage and impact. MetPro has an industrial packaging solution that meets your needs, guaranteed! How can we guarantee this? Because we can create a customized solution that will meet all your packaging requirements!

MetPro is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality industrial packaging products that can be utilized in a wide range of applications. All goods in storage and transit needs some form of protection and MetPro can supply a suitable industrial packaging product to ensure that this protection is met.

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Industrial Packaging Solutions That Work!

Want to improve your rejection rate?

Do you want to improve your working environment?

MetPro can meet your packaging requirements with our extensive range of industrial packaging products and improve service to the end user, the customer ... in other words, you!

Our VCI Packaging in particular is innovative and will ensure your metal products remain rust free by using VCI technology that has revolutionized the anti-corrosion packaging world.  Our VCI products are clean, safe and effective. MetPro’s VCI products will save you money by reducing time and costs of manufacturing, transport and storage!

We can customize our existing packaging products to ensure that the correct and most cost-effective packing solution is supplied to the customer. MetPro has sales representatives world-wide who are experts in assessing manufacturing and packaging processes in order to determine if the correct packaging solution is in place. MetPro sales representatives will carry out free site audits and submit a proposal of the products that would be required to ensure the customer’s industrial packaging requirements are met. MetPro can also carry out extensive in-house testing on your customized packaging to ensure quality compliance and also carry out tests on metals used to ensure our products are compatible and effective.

Self-Seal Kraft Paper

Self-seal kraft paper only sticks to itself and does not leave any trace of residue when it is removed from the item that it is protecting. MetPro’s self-seal industrial packaging paper products can be printed in one-two colors and are available in grammages from 70-100gsm.

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VCI Weave

MetPro has developed an innovative Industrial packaging product by incorporating our VCI technology into a polyolefin woven fabric substrate.  Our RapWeave technology provides extra strength and tear resistance when packing large Steel coils and is 40 times stronger than traditional stretch film.

MetPro’s RapWeave provides reliable corrosion protection when needed during storage and transit. Our Weave can also be printed with logos to ensure product meets corporate image. MetPro VCI Weave can be supplied in varying roll and sheet sizes depending on the end application.

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WrapPro HD

MetPro has developed a new innovative product called WrapPro HD. WrapPro  HD is an incredibly strong and protective stretch film which is 40 times stronger than traditional stretch film with overlap as low as 15% resulting in 50% less film used, less processing time and more efficient packing times.

WrapPro HD can also be printed allowing full brand identity so your product is easily identifiable when it’s in transit or storage. MetPro can also supply a ProfileWrap Machine which can also increase the industrial packaging productivity and at the same time decreasing packing and production costs. MetPro’s WrapPro can also be supplied with VCI to allow corrosion protection for the metals that are wrapped.

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VCI Film

MetPro has designed a unique innovative VCI Masterbatch for incorporation into our VCI Film products. We pride ourselves on the fact that our VCI Film products are amine free and food safe.

MetPro is leading the VCI revolution in the industrial packaging with our first corrosion protection from nature! Our VCI Film products are safe for the users and the environment and can be supplied in a wide variety of formats: case liners, case covers, flat bags, gusseted bags, single wound sheeting, tubing, center fold sheeting, bubble films, elasticated bags ... the list is endless.

We can supply our VCI film products in any color, thickness, with print, without print, bags perforated on a roll or bulk packed in a box. We can meet all of your industrial packaging needs in one place!

Did you know that MetPro’s BioTect VCI Film is approved for direct contact with food? It has been tested and certified by an independent specialist institute.  Our BioTect VCI Film meets all industrial packaging standards ensuring compliance to health, safety and environmental standards and legislation.

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VCI Paper

MetPro not only manufactures VCI Paper, but we also design the VCI that is a key ingredient in our industrial packaging range. MetPro’s VCI Paper is reliable and offers long term corrosion protection for a wide range of metal products. Our VCI paper can be used to protect steel, cast iron, chrome, copper, brass and zinc and is supplied in various formats; sheets, rolls, crepe, polyethylene coated paper, wax paper, and more!

MetPro’s VCI Paper products meet all industrial, environmental and health and safety standards while still being a high quality anti-corrosion solution. MetPro’s VCI Paper is tested and approved by accredited laboratories and has also been tried and put to test worldwide in varying environmental conditions.

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