MetPro offers the most comprehensive industrial packaging solutions all under one roof!

Industrial Packaging that Protects With World Class VCI Technology from MetPro!

Do you want your products to look presentable when they’re delivered to your customer?

Are you worried about getting your products to their destination undamaged? Is it a major concern for you or your company?

We have the solution! Every industry requires some form of industrial packaging throughout their process. It can be hard to figure out what will work for your specific needs on your own, however we have staff that can help determine what will work best for you, so you don’t have to!

We have decades of experience in the industrial packaging industry, supplying the right kinds of packaging to the automotive, steel and food industries! We’ll protect your products from a wide variety of damage such as corrosion, dust, slippage and impact. Your business will also be protected by ensuring that no damage occurs during production, preventing claims or loss of product (and perhaps losing customers because of it).

The most common reason to use industrial packaging when shipping products is to ensure that your products are safe and stable. Every product is not the same and has different packaging requirements. Your packing and shipping process is very important! It should be carefully thought out and reviewed by a team of professionals to ensure that quality is measured to the highest standard.

Increase Sales and Lead Generation With Proper Industrial Packaging

Want to increase the efficiency of your business?  By using the correct industrial packaging products to ensure product quality standards, you can increase the efficiency of your business. Ensure that you’re purchasing the correct packaging, in the correct format, for ease of use and application for your workers. After all, time is money!

If a worker is spending too much time cutting packaging products into sheets when the material can be delivered in sheet form, or perforated on a roll for ease of tearing, you may be wasting precious time.

Assess the packaging that you’re using. Do you need all the packaging that’s currently being applied to your products? Can you replace three items of packaging with a stronger and cost-efficient packaging solution? Do you need more storage in your warehouse to free up space for new products? Space is also money!

Our experienced sales team and technical engineers would be happy to assess your current packaging process to determine if your packaging requirements are being met in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.

The majority of our product range is made in-house and incorporates our world class VCI technology. MetPro’s VCI Technology makes our packaging unique as our VCIs are amine and nitrite free, completely safe, and meet all industry and environmental standards.


Waxed Paper

MetPro’s Waxed paper range can be supplied with or without innovative VCI. It’s available in rolls or sheets and in grammages from 50gsm to 150gsm.

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Take The First Step: Get Started Today!

MetPro’s standard industrial packaging product range can be customized to meet your packaging requirements. We pride ourselves on the ability to instantly react, reformulate and modify our products and formulations to ensure the best protection solution for you your customers, your products, workers and business.

Contact MetPro today and put us to the test! We have a wide variety of industrial packaging products that will exceed your expectations in performance, efficiency and cost. We have manufacturing facilities and distribution sites situated around the globe to ensure our customers receive the best customer experience from order to delivery!

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Self-Seal Kraft Paper

MetPro ‘s Self-Seal Kraft Paper not only sticks to itself, it doesn’t leave any trace of residue when it’s removed from the item it’s protecting.  Our Self-Seal Kraft Paper can be printed in one or two colors and is available in grammages from 70-100gsm.

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Kraft Union Paper

MetPro supplies Kraft Union Paper in a wide variety of formats; roll and sheet sizes and grammages from 120gsm to 210gsm. Our Kraft Union Paper is an ideal product to use as a waterproof barrier for pallets and cases.

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Anti-Corrosion Weave

MetPro has developed an innovative Industrial packaging product by incorporating our VCI technology into a polyolefin woven fabric substrate.  Our Anti-Corrosion Weave provides extra strength and tear resistance when packing large steel coils. It’s also 40 times stronger than traditional stretch film!

This Anti-Corrosion Weave provides reliable corrosion protection during storage and transit, when needed.  Our weave can also be printed with logos to ensure your product supports your corporate image. MetPro Anti-Corrosion Weave can be supplied in varying roll and sheet sizes depending on your application.

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Autowrap Film

Another key product of MetPro’s packaging range is our Autowrap Film which has been designed specifically for industrial packaging.

Our Autowrap Film is up to 40 times stronger than traditional stretch film, providing maximum protection and branding.  MetPro’s Autowrap Film can be supplied in different gauges, formats, colors and prints depending on your particular requirements.

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Anti-Corrosion Film

MetPro’s anti-corrosion film, BioTect, is a new generation of VCI film that combines world leading corrosion protection and the highest level of care for your workers, products and customers. This unique product is produced using natural ingredients and is completely amine and nitrite free. It’s recognized as a significant innovation because it sets new standards for occupational health and safety for handling VCI films.

MetPro is leading the VCI revolution in the industrial packaging industry with the first ever corrosion protection from nature!

MetPro’s anti-corrosion film can be supplied in different gauges, formats, colors and prints depending on your particular requirements.

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Anti-Corrosion Paper

MetPro’s manufacturing facilities can produce world class anti-corrosion paper, approved for direct food contact. Key factors of MetPro’s anti-corrosion paper include:

  • Free of nitrites and amines
  • Multi-metallic protection
  • Heavy metal free
  • VW and IKS (external independently tested) certificates

MetPro’s anti-corrosion paper can be supplied in various grammages, formats, colors and prints depending on your particular requirements.

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