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Packaging Protection with MetPro Desiccants!

Are your products protected during transport?

Are you worried about corrosion while your products are in storage?

Are you having a hard time calculating the correct amount of desiccant material for the exact time of transport and climatic conditions for your products?

MetPro has decades of experience when it comes to protective packaging. We supply cost effective and efficient packaging to a wide range of industries for a wide range of applications. For long term packaging solutions, our desiccants offer packaging protection during both transport and storage. 

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All of MetPro’s desiccant and barrier film products has been tested by accredited laboratories and produced in plants that are certified to ISO Quality Standards ISO 9001.

Contact MetPro today to discover the way desiccants can work for you in your packaging world! We guarantee that our desiccants will ensure that your products will arrive at their intended destination corrosion and rust free! We’ll ensure that the correct quality and quantity of desiccant is calculated for your specific packaging requirements. Contact us today for a free brochure, sample and consultation! 

Long Term Vs. Short Term Storage and Transportation Packaging Protection Options

CLIMAGEL Desiccants

CLIMAGEL Desiccants are a good anti-corrosion solution for short term storage and transportation. Prevention methods have to be effective for certain time periods and should have no influence on the use of the product after storage or transportation is complete.  In the case of very distant transportation (through the equator, for example), you might consider using MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccants for support. This type of transport requires tight, heat sealed packaging and provides double the corrosion protection.

MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant key benefits:

  • Ensures stable humidity of less than 5% relative humidity
  • Certified effectiveness according to DIN CERTCO
  • Natural, environmentally friendly active agent

CLIMAGEL Desiccants are a good anti-corrosion solution when they’re used correctly with an aluminium heat sealed bag. However, they do have limitations, including absolute humidity. They can absorb as well as be sensitive to leaks. Any damage to the barrier film will destroy the protection for the whole unit. That’s why we strongly recommend that you pack all units in wooden boxes. 

CLIMA Desiccants With CLIMA Packaging 

For long term storage and transport solutions, CLIMAGEL Desiccants are more effective when used in conjunction with a barrier film. This combination of packaging is called CLIMA Packaging by MetPro. Our CLIMA packaging alters the atmosphere inside the package by adding desiccants (dehumidification) or VCI inhibitors (chemical passivation) so that no corrosion occurs. CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agents can allow for a stable climatic atmosphere with a desired air humidity of up to below 5% relative humidity. CLIMA packaging consists of barrier films and desiccants, which together eliminate moisture and prevent products from moulding and rusting. These packaging systems protect products from the effects of sun, rain, humidity and salt water, as well as dust and dirt.

MetPro’s Clima Packaging key benefits:

  • Reliable long term anti-corrosion protection of up to 10 years
  • Reduction of moisture transmission rate <0.01g/sqm/24hr
  • Protection from climate effects of sun, rain, humidity, and salt water as well as dust and dirt
  • Low cost solution which can be applied to high end products
  • Simple handling
  • This light weight packaging is easily disposed of after use
  • The packaging is hard wearing against impact, vibration and stacking pressure
  • Packaged products are residue free after packaging is removed
  • Packaged products are recognizable inside the high quality packaging

CLIMA packaging which uses MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agents can protect a wide range of materials that are moisture-sensitive and hygroscopic like machines, electronic or optical assemblies, pharmaceutical or chemical products, medical devices, leather goods, textiles, food-stuffs and military goods. These materials can be protected against a wide range of conditions such as corrosion, decay, dew moisture, moisture absorption, condensation, fungal attacks, and potential electrolyte formation.

The amount of CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agent that’s required for your packaging solution is calculated by using a number of factors – admissible final humidity of the packaging, packaging volume, surface and barrier effect of the packaging as well as from the packaging goods. You also want to calculate the time that’s required for transport, handling and storage depending on the expected climatic conditions. It’s vitally important that the amount of desiccant is calculated according to time and location of transportation. We can help you calculate the required amount of desiccant to ensure that the correct amount is used for your application. 

We can customize our packaging solutions to ensure that the end user has the best packaging solution for their application. Our CLIMA packaging is supplied in a wide range of formats:

  • Box Liners
  • Inlays for Octabins 
  • Seamed covers 
  • Rolls and tubes 
  •  Covers with and without base
  • Covers with sealed bottoms
  • Container Liners
  • Side gusseted bags
  • CLIMAtainer (container inlays)
  • With inspection window for customs checks or desiccant control.

Types of Desiccant Materials: What Are They Made Of & How Do They Work?

Desiccants come in two formats; activated clay desiccants and silica gel desiccants. Both types of desiccants adsorb moisture within the packaging environment. The amount of moisture adsorbed within the packaging environment is dependent on the quality and quantity of desiccant that’s used. 

Silica gel desiccants supplied by MetPro come in a number of sachet sizes. The silica gel desiccants consist of white beads within non-woven, non-shedding olefin. The material used to make our desiccants are EC food and DEF. STAND 81-68 approved. The sachets that are used to pack the silica gel desiccants are printed with “Do Not Eat” in black ink. A color is added to white silica gel material to act as a visual indicator. The color will show when the silica gel desiccant adsorbs moisture and may become inactive. If the silica gel desiccant is dried, the indicator will revert to its original color. 

The activated clay desiccants called CLIMAGEL are based on natural, environmentally friendly and inert desiccant clay, which offers a very high adsorptive binding capacity. Our CLIMAGEL desiccants extract the moisture from the surrounding air in the packaging and bind it permanently.



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