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Industrial PE films can be blown or cast with significant difference in quality. As a corrosion protection service supplying company, the most important parameters of such films are mechanical in strength and elongation, so the material does not break or tear if it's stressed. Another mechanical parameter to consider important is dart drop resistance and puncture resistance, where it first shows the ability of film to absorb sudden impact (e.g. when the material inside of a bag falls down or is moving due to sudden stop of vehicle etc.) while the other is more considered when packing sharp materials with likely strong pressure on the external packaging.


As corrosion occurs under the presence of H20 molecules, the water permeability is one of the most common factors questioned by customers. While the humidity itself certainly has the impact on the corrosion environment inside, the difference between same material base (hence PE) is so small, that 20-30% difference in permeability will not cause a significant difference in corrosion protection. VCI protection is based on different idea than “dry conditions” and excluding water molecules from the internal space of packaging. Still, while the customers insist on certain values, the development must focus on this topic as well.


There's another input coming from environmental policies of different companies and the idea of “low waste” materials. At MetPro, we're always thinking green, as we believe that our children deserve to get the planet at least in the same condition as we do, if not better. For this reason, the easiest way to decrease the volume of packaging material while keeping the same amount of goods packed is – downsizing the thickness. However, not a single quality manager would accept the material, which would be thinner, but therefore worse in quality. This is why high performance films are spreading over the industry, starting with the major consumer of automotive, but is widely accepted by others.


To get the film of lower thickness but with same (or preferably better) specification the long term development must be ongoing, like the one from MetPro. Using the modern technologies of co-extrusion  (several layers of the film being blown or cast at the same time), developing new formulas and compositions of PE films with addition of special copolymers, using modern high grades of PE base granulate give our laboratories inexhaustible possibilities in bringing new modern VCI films with a lower thickness, same or better mechanical performance, same or better water vapour permeability for a reasonable cost.


Our standard HP film today is approx. 2x stronger than the common LDPE virgin PE film with the same thickness.  This film can bring the customer not only environmental benefits like decreasing the amount of packaging material and waste in the end, but also a decrease the direct cost of packaging materials. The most typical example of the high performance film used today by customers of MetPro is VCI film Biocor® HP in 80um. The minimum values of the above mentioned parameters can be compared in the table below:



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