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BioTect VCI Film

MetPro Sets New Safety Standards for VCI Film

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MetPro’s latest innovation, BioTect, is a new generation of VCI film which
combines world leading corrosion protection and the highest level of care for
workers, products and customers.

Setting a new standard of occupational health and safety for the packaging
industry, it is safe to use in any format, and it is the only VCI film on the market
that is certified safe for direct contact with both metal and food.

“Protection has always been the heart of the packaging industry” said Nanci
Forster, MetPro’s North America Business Manager. “BioTect is able to protect
products, workers, and even the environment.”

BioTect is recyclable, nitrite and amine free, making packaging safer than ever
for everyone and everything involved. It comes in a variety of forms, including
bubble film, zipper bags, stretch and shrink film, covers and sheeting.

MetPro has had a long history of creating new and innovative packaging,
including VCI film, VCI paper, and other rust prevention packaging, as well as a
range of industrial wraps and papers.

For more information, contact:

Nanci Forster
Business Manager - North America



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