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MetPro Showcases New Rust Inhibitor Innovations at LogiMat 2016 in Germany

Rust Inhibitor

MetPro visited LogiMat 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany on March 8th-10th to present new innovations to the public.

This International Trade Fair focuses on innovative products, solutions and systems for procurement, warehouse, production and distribution logistics. In the world of packaging, processes must be monitored on a continuous basis to stay relevant. LogiMat offers businesses an abundance of offerings to help them identify the right solutions for their internal processes.

MetPro showcased their complete range of vapour corrosion inhibitors such as paper, film, wrap, liquid, and clima. “This year was very enlightening for us to have obtained by our visitors numerous impulses, new ideas and product innovations. We are happy to incorporate and improve these ideas in the development of new products by constantly the offers and the service to our customers,” says the MetPro Sales Team.

To read more about MetPro’s rust inhibitors that provide long-term protection, visit their website!

About MetPro: MetPro is a leading manufacturer of VCI Film, VCI Papers, Anti Corrosion Packaging and Industrial Packaging specialties. Headquartered in Ireland, they have locations all throughout the world, meaning that great industrial packaging is never far from you and your business.



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