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MetPro Releases New Innovative Eco-Friendly Metalworking Fluid

MetPro Group releases cutting edge metalworking fluid, SyntheCut, that incorporates the latest in Tool Tip Lubrication Technology.

SyntheCut combines exceptional corrosion inhibition and novel non-polluting EP additives. The product is an eco-friendly water soluble synthetic metalworking fluid which utilizes raw materials chosen to comply with worker health and safety concerns. The product is essentially non-hazardous and contains no nitrites, secondary amines, chlorinated paraffin’s, borates, phenols or cresols. The product inhibitor package includes a highly effective pH buffering additive providing stable pH readings and long sump life.

“SyntheCut technology is groundbreaking in the industry,” says Niall O Carroll, Group Technical Manager. “SyntheCut has a number of product benefits including offering excellent cost effectiveness while at the same time being compliant with European safety regulations (TRGS 900).”

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