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Frequently Asked Questions: Choosing the Right Liquid Solution

The first thing to know when choosing the right liquid for an application is the type of process involved eg. Drilling, milling, cutting, grinding etc. This is very important to avoid a series of problems such as corrosion and poor tool life if the wrong liquid is used for a particular application. Other important factors to know include:

Are chemicals used in the process?

Oils, washers and cleaner are some of the fluids used in manufacturing processes. The introduction of more chemicals which could also be corrosion inhibitors can potentially have a detrimental effect on the material if the liquids aren’t compatible. This is where one of the liquids renders the other ineffective and can cause problems within a process. To avoid this, a compatibility test between all liquids used should be carried out prior to a trial being conducted.

Is the material cleaned and dried before further progressing through the production process?

95% of corrosion instances within a production process are caused by deposits from a previous manufacturing process.  These can be residues from washing liquids, metal working fluids, dust, acid or base activators or passivators during different coatings or deposits of acid during a process. These residues should be removed before the material goes to the next stage.

Is the material left untreated for a length of time?

This is a crucial stage in the manufacturing process because corrosion could set in if materials kept in a warehouse which is hot during the day and cool at night are left untreated. MetPro’s CorroTect range guarantees vapour phase and contact protection and they are water-based so no need to oil or grease.

Is heat or pressure used?

These will determine the type of liquid to be recommended. The operating temperature is also important as water-based inhibitors give off VCI’s at elevated temperatures. Usually when pressure is used, it involves cleaning. MetPro’s cleaning range includes high and low pressure cleaners with residual anti-corrosion inhibitors.

What product is the company currently using?

Knowing what a company is currently using indicates that we may have a direct known replacement. MetPro’s liquid product range includes fully synthetic metal working fluids, cleaners and protective coatings and they are water-based, which means that they contain no VOC’s and are user-friendly.

If VCI protection is required, for how long?

MetPro’s liquid range offers short-term, middle and long term protection for various materials to suit the customer’s needs.

What other aspects are important to the customer?

Each customer has its own different ideas as to what they want from their liquid solutions. Clarity of a liquid is important to some as it enables them to see how their tools and materials are working in-process. MetPro has the technical ability to customise a liquid to suit a particular customer.

Finally, after the correct liquid has been identified and the customer is satisfied with initial trials, further questions needs to be answered to guarantee an effective system from the start to finish of a manufacturing process.

Is the material to be packed dry, if yes, how is it dried?

It is common knowledge that materials packed dry have a greater chance of staying rust free during shipment or storage. If dried, is it by air-blowing or letting it air dry in a cool area?

MetPro’s representatives are very well qualified to offer the best solution in ensuring that parts used with our products remain rust free in process, during shipment and/or storage.

Are other VCI products used?

This is also important to know especially if a customer uses products from various anti-corrosion companies. All MetPro’s products (liquids, paper, film and support products) are compatible with each other.



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