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SyntheCut – Metalworking Fluid

Metalworking fluids are utilized widely in the metal industry in particular during the production of metals in order to provide lubrication and cooling but also to assist in the removal of debris.  Metalworking fluids can also be utilized to improve equipment performance and increase the shelf life of a cutting tool. A good metalworking fluid should have a cooling effect thereby extending machine and tool life and also maximizing productivity, provide lubrication, flush chips away from cutting zone and finally provide some level of corrosion protection. MetPro’s SyntheCut is a Cutting Edge Metal Working Fluid “incorporating the latest in Tool Tip Lubrication Technology”. SyntheCut, is water-based combined with exceptional corrosion inhibition and novel non-polluting EP additives.

There are essentially 3 main types of water-based metalworking fluids and they are classified according to the amount of mineral oil they contain:

  • Soluble oils – these contain usually 50% mineral oil in the concentrate and the solution looks milky upon dilution.
  • Semi-synthetic – They contain less than 50% mineral oil in the concentrate and their solution appears translucent when diluted.
  • Fully synthetic – These contain no oil content

SyntheCut is a fully synthetic metalworking fluid that complies with the latest European safety regulations (TRGS 900). The product is essentially non-hazardous and contains no nitrites, secondary amines, chlorinated paraffins, borates, phenols or cresols. The product inhibitor package includes a highly effective pH buffering additive providing stable pH readings and long sump life. The benefits of SyntheCut include the following:

  • Great lubricity with EP additives for machining operations
  • Great cooling and wetting capabilities
  • Excellent ant-corrosion capabilities
  • No misting problems encountered
  • Low foam and odor
  • Cleaner work place
  • iodegradable
  • Economical
  • Easier method of disposal

Are you searching for a rust prevention solution that can offer protection from processing right through to storage?

At MetPro, we have an extensive range of metalworking fluids (of which SyntheCut is a part of) that will suit any production process no matter what your industry. If you want your products to arrive new and ready to use, we’ve got the anti-corrosion solution for you!



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