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VCI Film Q & A

Q. What is the full range of metals we can protect with your VCI, do we get the full protection on all of them or does it vary?
A. The list is extensive but includes the following: Steel (all forms), Galvanised steel, Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium, Lead, Copper and its alloys. The level of protection varies as it depends on other factors such as package regime used, distance during transportation, conditions during transport etc. For special metals and alloys, it is advisable to conduct trials to make sure that the film does provide the needed protection.

Q. What happens if a puddle of water forms inside the package during transport (after packing)?
A. The presence of any amount of moisture within a package represents a corrosive environment and must be avoided at all costs. Again, it depends on what metal you want to protect. Some grades of steel will corrode and some wouldn’t.

Q. Can a VCI bag be heated and retracted without affecting its VCI capabilities?
A. No, the bag will be torn unless it has shrink capabilities incorporated into the film.

Q. What happens if there is a small hole in the package, local corrosion or is the VCI ventilated out leaving the whole product unprotected?
A. The presence of a hole during the package could lead to the parts corroding if it is going through aggressive atmospheric conditions such as sea air and very high humidity. If there is localised corrosion, the VCI will help retard the corrosion, preventing it from further damage but it is important to know that once corrosion starts, there is very little any VCI can do to stop it.

Q. Do parts need to be cleaned up after it is unpacked from MetPro’s VCI Film?
A. No, the VCI molecules in the package vapourises once the bag is opened and it leaves no residues. The parts are then ready to be used immediately.

Q. Can a VCI packaging be opened when it’s in use?
A. Yes, but only for a very short time. The protection is re-kindled once the package is closed again.

Q. Can 2 or more VCI products be used together in the same packaging?
A. All MetPro’s products are compatible with each other but a test trial will have to be conducted if one of the product isn’t ours as it could potentially block our VCI from performing to its optimum capacity



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