The BIOCOR® Solution



Continuous research into the further development and improvement of products has top priority at MetPro. Today the company is able to offer the first corrosion protection from nature. With BioCor® based on BioVCI® you receive highly efficient corrosion protection with the highest rust protection ratings, which is harmless from an occupational health point of view.

The vapour phase inhibitors integrated in the carrier material (film, paper, etc.) are enriched with natural extracts in addition to the proven and food-safe polyethylene. The new film based on BioVCI® technology is even approved for direct contact with food - tested by the Institut SGS Fresenius. BioCor® is completely free of substances listed in TRGS 900. Workplace measurements or restrictions according to TRGS 615 or TRGS 900 are no longer necessary. The new material not only guarantees protection for the products at a reasonable price, but also makes a valuable contribution to increasing responsibility towards those involved in the work process.

The BioCor® product range was developed entirely on the basis of natural extracts, including coconut components. It is therefore free of nitrites, amines and benzotriazole acids. This means that solutions can be offered in an economy that is constantly operating on a global scale in order to make transport within the supply chains absolutely corrosion-free and moisture-controlled.

More and more well-known manufacturers such as VW, Porsche and Bosch and their suppliers throughout Germany are deciding to protect their metallic products with anti-corrosion packaging from MetPro on their way between production sites. BioCor® has reached a worldwide unique standard in the B2B sector. MetPro offers the perfect corrosion protection packaging for every application and develops individual packaging solutions together with its customers. BioCor® provides outstanding multi-metal protection (for steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, brass or Fe castings, among other things) for transport or storage. This is proven by extensive approvals from the metal and automotive industries as well as tests by BFSV, IKS and other independent testing institutes. With its unique industrial packaging solutions, MetPro's innovative strength guarantees high-tech companies a corrosion-free and moisture-controlled value chain in the service of a trouble-free, environmentally friendly and efficient manufacturing process.


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